Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm sure you know the drill by now.
 Beautiful sunrise....blah blah blah....

 Had the ponies go out where the mud was not so bad.

 It took Belle awhile to figure it out.
 Late morning the dogs and I went over to Apple Creek Farm to get some you know whats.
 They were absolutely gorgeous....so were the clouds.
 It's been so windy around here, all the leaves have blown off the trees on Main Street.

 Stopped at Main Street Pizza and some of my old teaching buddies were there for "pizza Friday."  More came in as I was leaving.
 Sidney had the house to himself while we were gone...was waiting in the window.
 It rained this afternoon and I took all three horses into the indoor.  Wanted Abbe to go over the poles a few times, and lounged her a little in both directions.

After evening chores, drove down to Jen's for a Chili Cook Off.  There were 7 different kinds, several families which included 16 kids, and plenty of chatter.

 All different and delish.

 The kids were in the family room downstairs....it looked like a bomb hit Toys R Us.
 When I went down, Jen was there supervising.
"Hello out there>>>>>>>>>>>"

 Gary and Tim were taking a break....and left around 8.  I preceded them.
 Can you imagine having all those kids in one place?
Now we are at home sweet home with a fire going.
Night all.


  1. We've finally got some good weather too, and it's going to last for a few days - I see some riding coming up!

  2. how do You do SO much in a day,
    and take SO many great pics?


    Blah blah blah Ha Ha :-)

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  3. Jen is a brave woman! Bet those kids had a blast.

  4. Looks like fun over at yours :) And the sky looks like it is on fire.

  5. Ohh, all the leaves are gone. Won't be too much time until you have the white stuff.

    The apples look so yummy.

    I've had many a weekend with that many kids. I loved it and actually miss it. Looking forward to my young ones inviting a bunch over again (I can never say just one....).

    Wish we could have cats. They look like they need to snuggle! :)

  6. Your skies and photos are amazing!

    I don't know how you do all this. Could you tell me the vitamins you take?

  7. That chili cookoff looks YUM! Once again, your 'ordinary' day is full of people and animals and amazing skies and . . . .love those shoes!

  8. Your morning pics are always so gorgeous....Brockport must be blessed...the FOOD...!!!!...you are surrounded in a world of love and joy, Lori......the kids are super excited I'd say...but Home Sweet Home sounds just a wee bit more calming....loverly post as usual!

  9. That chili looks good. Love the shot of the shoes.

  10. Lori, I absolutely love your photos. Which main street are we talking about here?....looks so familiar. BTW, love that you are growing organic garlic. How's it going?

  11. Beautiful skywatch and a lot of interesting photos.
    Happy week!


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