Monday, October 31, 2011


 A very nice morning....a little warmer than yesterday.
 Same old same old same old same old.

 Swept out the loft and threw down a few bales of second cutting....one of these days the horses are going to come in.
 As you can see, the outdoor arena still looks like a pond....s a t u r a t i o n ....
 Had to go to the bank, Weggies and needed to put some gas in my car.
 Cleaned the house and set it up for a late afternoon presentation by Gary.
 In the meantime, he went down to pick up his new (used) car.  I look forward to having a van.
 Anyway, there is a class at the college called "Food and Culture."  Last semester they came up to learn more about organic gardening and tonight they did the same.  By the time they all arrived there were 30 of us.  Gary is just about ready to plant his garlic and took them out by the garden to explain how it is done.
 Afterward they came in for cider, donuts, snacks and discussion.

 A very nice group!

At 7:30 Sandy and Steve came up for dinner.  Squash/Apple Soup, a salad with pears and crusty rolls.
I forgot to take pictures.  They have been working non-stop to get their new restaurant ready.  We are so lucky to have them in Brockport.  It won't be long now.  The day before they open to the public we are going to work with some friends to invite everyone we know to a tasting at "The Loft"....more on this to follow.
Do you see that gigantic plant in the background?  It is a Bird of Paradise that was over at Jill's (patio).  I volunteered to house it and a blossom is on the way.  It takes up a LOT of space.
Over and out.
Night all.


  1. All the animals are wearing coats. It must be getting really cold. Your house looks nice and cosy.

  2. Hey, there, Skoogies - you are so civic minded - that community is lucky to have you. You bring such beauty and enlightenment and good cheer to everything you do and everyone you meet. xx Your Fan

  3. Hello!

    So glad you see you great sun sets/rises!!!

    And i'm glad you had a good time with the "class".

    So glad to be back!
    big hugs

  4. Can't wait to see the Bird of Paradise bloom! What a fun outing for the "Food and Culture" class! Mary Anne is doing well, but has to go in for another surgery on the 8th! This is her 14th surgery. A bone graft in her wrist.

  5. I agree with Sharon. You are, indeed, so closely involved with your community. We should all use you as an example.


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