Friday, October 14, 2011


This has been an interesting week for followers.  A few days ago I was looking for "sproutnwings" and she has been found out there in Nebraska.  Check her out at:  Right now she has a giveaway going on.  Never found out anymore about Sonyavann.  JUST GOT A COMMENT FROM SONYA.  She and her husband live on the East Coast of Florida with all kinds of critters!  Don't see a blog address.   Then the Hound Girl from Texas found my Journal.  Her blog is: and you guessed it, it's all about her Bloodhound (Fred) and her Lab (Haylie).  The most recent is from Japan.   The name of his blog is Takatugu Aoki Photos of the World and can be found at:

And I just got one more....Francois Ratel.  He must have just started his blog and I can't imagine how he found mine already.  Look forward to see what he posts at: L'

What a week!  Thank you so much for following my Journal!


  1. Like the new header photo. That's a real character study.
    Regards, Mike.

  2. I am not surprised...your pictures and your words are always welcoming.

  3. I love the new header!!

    Thank you so much for the shout out and we look forward to reading your blog :)

  4. I hope you had a great day, with those images I dont know who couldnt. I love the first one.

  5. LOL! What a shock to stop in to catch up and see my name mentioned! I have been following for a long time and your photos are amazing! My husband and I live on the east coast of central Florida with our horses, dogs, cats, chickens, macaw and pot belly pig. Love your beautiful girls and the area you live in!


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