Saturday, October 1, 2011


 Jill and I did chores together this morning.  It was raining and in the 40s...perfect colic weather.
So....on went some blankets.
 Gary had to work the college football game today...put my drums in the car for me before he left.
 The flowers Roger and Tina brought the other night were the bright spot of the day.

 Went down to Jenny's before drumming....Chicken BBQ was being held at her church so she picked up a load for the kids, Kevin, Gar and me.  Delicious, but too much for one sitting.  Chicken salad tomorrow.  I loaned her my camera and did not get any shots this afternoon.  It was a very long and difficult session (1-4:30).  So much to learn.  Tomorrow, weather permitting, many of us are going into Rochester for the Strides Against Breast Cancer walk....10,000 participants (to drum for them).  If it's not raining, it will be quite an experience.

Home at 4:30.  The sun was trying to come out.
 It was nice and cozy in the barn.
 The girls were happy to be out of the wind.

 They need a good brushing.

 My buddies helped me.

 Just before dark the sun appeared in full force.
 Through the windows....old bubbly window.
A fire is going and I'm hitting the couch.
Night all.


  1. Yay! You're back to regular posting! You are not allowed to have a life other than blogging -- just kidding, of course. Like I'm one to talk. Send some of that fried chicken to me. I rarely eat it but I LOVE it. One of my vices, I guess.

  2. Cold, rainy, and windy today and the same temps. I even turned on the heat just to get the edge off the air. Stay warm and lets both hope it warms up just a bit! Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. How sudden it is Fall again, mm? Stay warm with the drumming tomorrow.

  4. Absolutely beautiful flowers! We are in for a week of beautiful weather, 70's all week. We haven't had rain for 2 months, which is a bad thing, especially before going into our hard winter. I hope you are enjoying the couch.

  5. 40 degree rain is no fun. I wonder which of us will have snow first.
    The flowers are so pretty, and I love the pictures of dogs and cats together.

  6. WOW to the flowers bursting out at me!! Needed those this dreary am!!

  7. Such good friends...cute!

    Hmmm! Chicken salad sounds good. I have a roast chicken...I can do that.

    Looks like another cozy fire day!

  8. Nice photos! I really like the shots of the old barn wall and fences and landscapes beyond.

  9. Green Park Inn may be the hotel you are wondering about. It is still standing and in service. I had no idea that Gary worked with Broyhill...I have done many a furniture rendering for them. We may even know some of the same people...pretty neat. Beautiful photos! Love that picture of Abbe running from the blankets in your previous post. Ollie is also dragging his toe and it makes me think it could possibly be a shoulder or knee injury, but no way to know for sure. Time will tell...Good luck with Abbe.

  10. I would bet no drumming for the march today. Too bad that they got such a rotten day.

  11. Macro shots are stunning :) You should post more of those


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