Saturday, October 22, 2011


 No sensational sunrise this morning....
 And no rain!
 Jill was back in town and helped with morning chores.  All the horses were in need of a good grooming after getting rained on and rolling in the indoor yesterday.  I swear, every night Abbe sacks out on top of her manure and gets incredible stains.
 Lily was happy to see her Mama and Sophie even came out of hiding.

Right after chores I went down to Country Max to take advantage of a sale on shavings, Safe Choice and wormer.  Quite a savings.
 Sidney was lounging on the couch in the kitchen when I got back home.
 Gary and I put everything in the barn...nice fluffy, fresh beds for the ponies.
 On my way to drumming I stopped in to visit Lucy and Abbe.
 Such sweet pups.

 It is my impression that we are working on much harder patterns this year.
 Khalid has the patience of a saint.
 We spent almost three hours on the same rhythms and we just about had it by the time we left.  It is not easy to separate out your part when there are 5 others going on at the same time.  But, once you are all in the same page, it is a real groove.  Below you can hear just the bass parts.

Jenny went to a class reunion at SUNY Fredonia, and we have the boys for the night.
(this photo is hot off the press....kind of like being there)
Jen, Kelly, Lara and Jen
You don't want to know how long ago they graduated.....(bad reflection on Gary and me).

When I got back to the farm Finn and Gar were throwing around a football and Coop was fast asleep.

 He really did not want to wake up for dinner....

 Tonight they are camping out at home with Grampa and left after dinner.
They played this farewell tune for my listening pleasure.  Can you guess what song it is?
Chore time...

There could be a frost tonight in some areas with a high near 60 tomorrow.
 It feels good to have some extra shavings in reserve.

 The kitties and pups were hungry for dinner and it was a race to the kitchen door.
So much for today.
Night all.


  1. Sounds like a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday!

  2. We had a killing frost two nights in a row now.
    It is supposed to be in the 60's here tomorrow too!

    Loved the drumming!
    ...and the singing!

  3. If I've guessed the tune aright, and it was a truthful tune, then we wish you many happy returns of the day.
    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

  4. You know what? You really make me wonder what I do with my days. So, this will be the last blog I read this morning, computer will be shut down, and I will get out of here! At least for a hike with dogs.

  5. You sure do a lot of tending and feeding and nurturing. No idea what that song was, sorry, but love all the pics. I feel as if I live next door.

  6. Looks like all animals present and accounted for!

  7. A non-sensational beginning to the day is OK at least occasionally, isn't it? :-)


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