Saturday, October 29, 2011


 This was a different morning.  I did not open my eyes until 7:30 and Jill was already out in the barn.
I swear, light is my alarm clock and today it was just plain dark out.
 Once again there was frost out in the pasture.

I decided to work on my closet and did some ironing...then I took a quick shower and went down to the college for drumming.  It was a very good experience and as a group we had some pretty nice moments.  Here is one of them.  (Yes Sharon, you would love drumming).

 I did not get home until 4:30 and eventually went out to do chores.  The horses could not take their eyes off the back 40.
 Can you see why?

At 7pm we left for a fundraiser being held at the Library.
As usual, it was a very successful event and the place was loaded with many supporters.
 The flower arrangements were placed in pumpkins!

 All kinds of great wine and food pairings.
 Above was my favorite appetizer...figs and goat cheese.  Amazing.

Meet Widget.  She is a "reading dog" at the Library and was out working the crowd (free to go wherever she wanted).
Can you read what it says on her back?
$1 A PET.  You put your money in the pouch.
 I'm sure she brought in a lot of cash.

 The Teen section of the library has three booths in it.  What a perfect place to read.
 We were entertained by the "Golden Eagle String Band."

 One of these young men wrote two original pieces for the event.
 There were all kinds of baskets filled to the brim with goodies you could bid on.
The people in these photos are pals and they go above and beyond for our community.
And the Library is not the only thing they support.
Pretty soon you are going to start recognizing them.
They are everywhere.

 On this tree, were items needed by the library that you could sponsor.
I made sure I found the section with Sharon Creech books.
 Widget ended the evening in comfort.
We are fortunate to have such an amazing library and a group of people who care enough to give it financial support.  This year they want to update their computers.  Someday I would love to have
Jon Katz and Sharon Creech check it out.  What are the chances of that happening?
Night all.


  1. Another nice, and full day for you!! We had snow here all day--It's really a mess, but part of me enjoyed it. I'm sending it in your direction, I'm done playing in it and having it tracked through my house! :-)

  2. Mighty fine library and mighty fine supporters. I will get there some day. . . Thank you for finding the SC shelf - so nice to know I have a good home there. Love that library dog and all those good people and good food and those horses ogling the deer. You know: all of it.

  3. What a day! Maybe it was good you slept so late. Our local library was such a life saver for me when I was without a computer this summer. And I do find great books there too. Even though our library is small, people donate and care in our town too.

  4. Beautiful library §
    Seeing the plates makes me hungry !

    See you soon

  5. Sounds like an amazing event. I hope lots of money was raised for the library. It is a fear of mine, that, in this era of budget cutting, libraries will be feeling the crunch.

  6. You are a busy lady. Enjoyed your pictures, and my visit to your blog. Being so active sure makes the days fly by.

  7. horsies, where are your hats?
    Benny & Lily

  8. Deer me! Yes, the horses were occupied! hahaha

  9. What a wonderful community you have.

  10. What a great looking event!! I don't see how you do all that you do!! You really stay busy.

  11. I love those shots of the horses looking at the deer. We had trouble waking up today too -- and it wasn't especially dark. At least you had an excuse.


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