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Friday, October 14, 2011


 This gorgeous morning turned into a rainy day.
 A flock of geese landed in the field next to the indoor and they were there for hours and hours.

 The girls toughed it out in the rain....
 and Lily kept me company while I cleaned stalls.
 Gary and I spent the entire day cleaning the house.  All the window were done and I was able to put up the fresh curtains. 

Felt sorry for the horses so I went out early and put them in.   Jill had the night off, but forgot and showed up anyway.

So Gar and I were eating dinner....watching a Swedish movie and the phone rang.  "Are you coming down?"  Duh....even tho our calendar was marked, we forgot to go to a dessert party at a friends home.
We were already half an hour late and I was still in my barn clothes.  Gar went down and I'm still here.  Did take a shower, but now it is just too late.  My brain is a goner.
Night all.


  1. You sound like you were busy today too. The house looks great! I'm ready to come over and sleep in one of those beds and eat one of your meals. (and I'd come over even if you didn't clean).

  2. Your house is beautiful. I love having a clean house, but it almost never happens :)

  3. thank you for news of my geese friends!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

  4. That is too funny...sometimes you forget those engagements. I'm glad you had time to share your photos. Beautiful horses and amazing sky shots. You've got a nice country feel to this site :)

  5. Love all the photos! Beautiful home, lovely quilts and I love the red wood stove. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your home is so warm and welcoming.

  7. I love the vibrant colors of your home!

  8. Lori, this is a test. Google has not been sending my comments and I am trying to fix it.

  9. seemed to work.

    Wanted to comment on how fresh, clean and welcoming your home looks.

    As so many have said...the geese and sky are wonderful...a good lead in for the sky today!

  10. A rainy day just calls for doing something to brighten up the inside of one's house.
    I hate it when I forget something on my calendar! When I was working it rarely happened as I lived by my calendar... but now, well, there are days when I don't even look at it!
    Have a nice weekend. I hope the weather dries up!

  11. What? Missed a desert party!?

    Your house looks so country cozy!

  12. I like the floor-to-ceiling bookcases!

  13. Hope that Google and I have worked things out! I love visiting your farm thru your photos and writings! Very different from the east coast of Florida where my husband and I live with our horses, dogs, cats, chickens, pig and macaw! I look forward every evening to stoping in and seeing what went on in your world! Sonya

  14. Duh. I know the feeling! Also, there is something about this weather that makes me foggy. You, too? Your house looks so fresh and clean and inviting - wow! It's beautiful.

  15. I love your home and barn! Both are so pretty, well kept and unique! I'm not a fan of Morton barns or subdivision homes decorated from the big box stores... Thanks for sharing your art n eye candy!!!


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