Thursday, September 22, 2011


 Boy, am I in a groove.  Wham, Bam!  Finished with chores.
 Nothing on the calendar today.  Loved it.
 Spoke to John (farrier) about Abbe and he said keep soaking and wrapping.  An awful lot of horses around here have had the same problem this year.  Why?

When I put Abbe back out she trotted to the other horses.  Did not look lame to me.  I don't get it.
 I needed some flowers for the kitchen table so I started looking around.
 Just a few blossoms here and there.
 Seeing that I didn't have to go anywhere, I decided to spend some time in the kitchen.
 Made some fried green tomatoes.

 Sidney, my disappearing cat, spent all last night and part of today with me.  He wants to be fed when he wants to be fed...not when the other cats eat.  Thinks he's pretty special.
 Jen and Coop came up for dinner...Finn went to football practice with Kevin.
 This is the first night I have prepared meat for dinner at the farm in over two months.  Jill found us a source for organic beef, pork and chicken today.  We and several other friends are so disgusted with the treatment of animals...we're looking for alternatives.  When we have gone out, we have had meat a few times.  If you have seen the movie "Food, Inc." you will surely lose your appetite.
 I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes and fried green tomatoes.
 Jen brought a salad.

 We even had dessert (and I forgot to take a picture).  Baked a pie shell and used up my nectarines, a peach, leftover blueberries and a couple of plums from our tree to make one of those non bake, fresh fruit pies.  Added a cup and a half of blended fruit to water, sugar and cornstarch and heated it until it was translucent.  Added a couple tablespoons of fresh lemon juice...dumped it on the rest of the fruit... let it cool and put it in the pie shell.  Refrigerated it for a couple of hours and voila.
 Ended up cutting some sunflowers for the kitchen.
 After dinner, Cooper did his homework and was very proud of how much he accomplished.
 He had to use several vocabulary words in sentences (could just say them to Mom).
 Jill did chores.  I went out for a couple of minutes.
Finally, our barn light is back in business.  It has been months!  Took an electrician three trips.
Night all.


  1. Great!
    You've made me hungry again.

    Love a day with NOTHING pressing, yeah!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  2. And I forgot to comment, but meant to, that I'm with you 100% on the beef issue. I found a source for grass fed, free range beef here in California. I ordered an 1/8 of a steer -- it tastes great and I don't feel guilty about the management and slaughter methods. We eat a lot of fish -- meat about once a week -- more and more vegetarian meals.

  3. That meal looks amazing. I think I might have to try making fried green tomatoes.
    Loved your photos. They're beautiful.

  4. Such a cute clip of Abbe hustling out to her friends! She looks darn good.

    I just can't eat meat.

  5. Know what you mean...haven't had meat in ages.

    Do you have to buy large quanities from the organic sources you located?

    So glad Sidney is hanging around for some TLC.

  6. A free day! Yay! I made a peach crumble the other day - mmmmmm. I'm starting to feel the same about meat. Might take a while to convince L. tho.

  7. Lori, what a yummy site!! Love the flowers and kids, too.

  8. I have just finished medicating Ollie. Our farrier is visiting on Saturday and I hope he can help us figure this thing out. I only wish that Ollie were easy to handle. We also just contracted a cow from a local farmer. Been doing that for years. I hate commercial meat. We split a cow with our neighbors. We know what it ate and how it was treated. Love the photo of Berlin.


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