Sunday, September 18, 2011


It was good to see Jill this morning.  She was in the barn before I got out there, trying to give me a break on barn tour day.
 We flew through chores, and by 9:15 I met Gary down at Finn's flag football game.

 Cooper was such a good boy, keeping himself occupied.

 Good pal, Joey M.,  played a great game.
 Made a quick stop at Wegmans to pick up some lemonade and ice for our visitors.
 Had a zillion last minute things to do, but we made it.

 We were fortunate to have two volunteers greeting while Gary and I took them on tours of all the buildings.  Meet Brendon and Candice.

This was the first car that drove in.  I believe he said it was a 1928 Ford.
 Is it cool or what?
When I looked inside, couldn't believe it.  Power steering and brakes, air conditioning and the works.  Beautiful seats and it gets 24 miles per gallon.
That's what I call a makeover.

 For three hours we went from building to building.
 Everyone had the same comment...."lots of work."

Everyone was outaheah by 4:15, and I wanted no part of making dinner.
So we went down to Barber's for a Balboa.  Everyone was watching football in their football jersies.

 Main Street is just about finished...the merchants will be thrilled.

Jill came back again! to do evening chores...so I was off duty.
When I put the ponies in, who should appear but Sophie....gave her lots of attention.
 The weather was perfect today.
Now it has cooled down and we are having our second fire in a row.  It really takes the chill off.
Night all.


  1. we had a fire in our fire pit outside last night. the weather was perfect for it this weekend. glad you had good weather too.
    & yes that Ford is very cool! someday I'm gonna get one of those!

  2. I wish I could have been there to go on/help with the barn tour. Your place looks stunning. And, duh, it IS a lot of work people. But work that is so worth while. Phoebe still doing well?

  3. I too would love to be there for the tour. Your place looks fab!

    So nice to see Miss Sophie.

  4. So glad you had such a perfect day for the tour.

    Lemonade, too...you are great hosts.

    How is Phoebe feeling? Is the cough gone?

  5. That fire looks nice. Kind of hard to believe that we are at that place in the year again.

  6. A great day. I love the look of old cars they always make me smile I don't know why. B

  7. What a stunning day for your tour!! Your place is beautiful Lori!!

  8. So glad you had a successful day of barn tours. I know you put a lot of work into it.

  9. I'm so glad you had a nice day for the barn tour - looks like you had a nice crowd. Relax now!


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