Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 Some people were not happy with the weather today...but I liked it.  Cool, grey and spritzy. 

When I walked out to the barn, I hoped I would see Masterpiece in his usual spot.  He was so gimpy last night I was really worried.  Just how much could his old body take?  But there he was....

I put some hay under the overhang in case he could not walk very far.  For about 20 minutes he stayed there....the other horses came back in to keep him company.  Then, as expected, he went out to the pasture with them and stayed there all day.

The horses love going in and out of this run-in part of the barn that is next to their stalls.
 The dogs had to be at the groomer's by 10.  I had to wash off their feet and bellies before we left as they got pretty messy out in the paddock.
 On the way home I had to pick up more Epsom Salts and duct tape.  Left a message for John (farrier) to see if he was in the area and could help my pony.

Decided to drop off Brenda's jacket.  She invited Phoebe and Gucci in, to play with Tootsie Louise.

 "Mom! Help! Tootsie wants to play and we hardly know her."
 Big babies!

 As soon as they got their haircuts, I put on some Advantage.  What's with fleas at this time of year?
 While they were gone I washed all the dog and cat bedding....vacuumed and applied Advantage to the three kitties.  An expensive proposition.
 There was still a lot of activity in the village.  Big equipment all over the place.
 John called and said he was coming out to help Masterpiece.  He drove an extra hour to get here.
 He went right out in the pasture, took off Masterpiece's boot and found the problem.
 Brought him into the grooming room (along with his assistant....Abbe).
 Soaked him....glopped on the goop, a diaper, a sockie, and last but not least....the duct tape.  I'm getting pretty tired of this routine.  It's the first day Abbe has gone without her boot.
 Lily joined us....in her little green house.
 Sid has been around more than usual.
It was almost 5, so I said the heck with it and just did evening chores.  Masterpiece chose to go outside again and stuck close to the barn...ate in the back paddock while the other 3 wandered out to the pasture.

 Gary met the boys at the school bus today.  When he got home, we had a great dinner.
 Simple veggie salad....and one of the best Italian dishes I've had in ages.
Judy (Chorus, Drumming, Art Student) made us a veggie lasagna to die for.  We have been sending her (as well as many of our friends) home with baskets of veggies, so she thought it would be nice to do this for us.  As soon as I get the recipe I will post it.  4 layers.  Fresh tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and more tomatoes.  A white sauce and cheese. Unbelievable!!!!

 It would not stop raining, so I put the ponies in at 7:30.
 I saw improvement in Masterpiece's movement.

Night all!


  1. That veggie lasagne looks awesome -- I think even Brett would eat it! So glad Masterpiece is doing better. I know what you mean about getting tired of the whole soak and wrap routine.

  2. Yup, the whole soaking and wrapping thing can get old really fast. But, I'm very glad that John was able to find the problem (abscess?) and fix it. That lasagna looks wonderful. And, the dogs look pretty darn spiffy, after their grooming.

  3. Helloooo ponies, lookin' so good; glad Masterpiece was perking up. That lasagna: mmm, mm.

  4. P. S. Love those doggie haircuts! They look so spiffy.


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