Monday, September 19, 2011


It has taken me a few days, but I would like to welcome three new followers.
First, there is "Isobelle Go Lightly" which is about the life and times of Isobelle, the beautiful Pygmy/Boer goat.  She lives with many other critters and is well taken care of by her Mama.

Next, is Nancy...from Louisville, Kentucky.  She opened a Bed and Breakfast called the Aleksander House 17 Years ago after retiring from teaching.  She is a writer and has several blogs...you can start off with this one:  amemorabletimeofmylife.blogspot.com
Wait until you see her B and B.

Last but not least is Brett from "Pop's Compost."  I feel like I know him already, as he is married to Annette out at Aspen Meadows.  He is a semi-retired police officer who continues to do mounted patrol work with his 14 year old Paint, Flash.  He loves animals and goes above and beyond to make sure they are "living the life" on their beautiful property in the Santa Ana mountains.

Thank you all for following my Journal!

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Thank you for reading The Skoog Farm Journal. I do not have google+ and am unable to comment on those blogs. Would love to reach some of you and need email addresses. Your comments are appreciated.