Wednesday, August 3, 2011


 Woke up to sprinkles and 60+ degrees.
 Fine with me.
 No masks.  No sweat....

 After chores I took a shower and was off to Orthopaedic Associates of Rochester.  (Had knee surgery 10 years ago).  Finally said uncle to the pain in my knee and decided to have it checked out.  Surprise, right knee has a spot where there is bone on bone (been like that for years).  The left one is fine.   Getting old is no walk in the park!!! I qualify for knee replacement, in spite of the fact that I have full motion, can squat and bend it.  I've been gimpy for over a year and don't take any anti inflammitories (as I was born with one kidney and protect it).  Being busy the last month and with the outrageous heat and humidity, it was not feeling too great.  So!  I opted for a cortizone shot and will see what that does for me.  Feels better already.  Plan to postpone this surgery...too many animals to take care of.  Knee replacement seems like such a fad these days.

Here's the first third of Gary's little orchard.  He will outline it with 6x6s and it will have fruit trees and sculpture....period.  No weeds!
 One of our large gardens is nothing but vinca vines.  No idea how it started, but there are lots of them.
 Invited our friend Al over to pick up some beets.  He and Tootsie Louise went over to check out Gary's handywork.

 Remember her?

 "Top o' the afternoon to ye!"

 There was Newbie, checking out the afternoon activities in the paddock.

 Jill stopped by to see Belle and the kitties before visiting her son for a few days.

 I will be keeping her posted through this Journal.
 Fed the ponies and picked the pastures.  I was in heaven with this nice wet weather.
 We've had enough to turn the grass green.

 The gigantic row of cosmos in the veggie garden are responding well.
 cucumbers, tomatoes and onions from our gardens....
Night all.  Ahhhh.  Fresh air.


  1. Glad you had your knee always helps to know the problem.

  2. 60 degrees and rain sounds like heaven! We're still in the mid 90s everyday. It's too hot to do anything. Brett had a knee replacement two years ago. He was also bone-on-bone but in significant pain with limited range of motion. He tried everything else first and finally decided to go under the knife when he couldn't take it anymore. It feels like new now. He may have to do the other knee soon. Dreading the down time but the results are so worth it.

  3. My friend Suzanne had knee replacement and only regrets she didn't have it sooner. She spent a few years walking like Popeye before she said uncle. Now she's riding daily, walks normal, and is pain free.

  4. Wow 60 degrees!! Sounds nice since we were breaking heat records here today!! We had a Scottie for years. They are such great pets and this one looks beautiful!!

  5. wise to protect your dear kidney!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  6. I've got a similar issue with my knee and have also put it off. Hope the surgery goes well.

  7. Oh, that lovely rain! I could practically see the plants responding.

  8. HI Lori - dinner looks great! Enjoyed the photos and hopefully I'll be able to keep up now that I'm moved.

    It's a long story but son and his wife and two little ones, found they were needing to move around the time we were looking - decided for a year we would live together and help them and it helps us too by lower far so good...

  9. Glad you got some cool cool rain! Hope that shot helps your knee for a while. I have a bone on bone problem in both of my feet. Not fun and...."almost" ready to do something about it.

  10. Sorry to hear the knee if giving your troubles. Yes, it does seem if replacement has become a fad, but if it is necessary, do it. A friend of mine couldn't get the doc to do a replacement because she is so young. She went through a "repair" surgery and months of rehab only to have the same knee (she can't even walk up stairs) so now she has to schedule replacement. A lot of money and time and pain could have been saved. Sure hope the shots work for you.


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