Friday, August 19, 2011


 6:15 AM.
 The headless horseman was not in sight.

 When I went out to feed the horses, Lily was sound asleep in her soft white bed.
 Did my thing and finished by raking the run-in.  Those shavings make it easy.

 The ponies were happy to be back in the big pasture.

 I just couldn't get my act together....to post my SkyWatch Friday shots.  Here they are.
 Yet another beautiful day at Skoog Farm.  A little before 10 I had 10 bales of second cutting delivered before I went to the shed to get out the lawn mower. Lily was sleeping on the seat.  Left her there and went into the house, decided to mow later.
 When I got around to it, there were all these mushrooms in the front lawn.
 The growing conditions must have been just right.

 At 11:45 Gary and I went into Brockport to hook up with Roger, Tina and their neighbor....Carol.  9 of us were going out to the Carlton for lunch.  We had not been there since Father's Day when we took Harald, the Norwegian sailor.
 Of course there was lots of great conversation and good food.

 We were happy to see our friend Kim (Gallery owner-Marti's on Main) there having lunch with another artist....Lori. 
 Are you sick of all my food pictures?
 We ordered all kinds of different things from Peach Soup to Chowder....
 Fish sandwiches...
 BBQued beef (made from prime rib)....
 the classic Reuben....
 and a spicy/sweet chicken wrap (that was mine).
 Steve came out and sat with us for awhile.  We are still trying to find a place for him in Brockport.  It would be the best restaurant in town....if we could just get him there.
 Some desserts were ordered (as if we needed them).  Above is homemade vanilla ice cream with a hint of peach.
 Bread pudding....
 and peach crisp....  No regular dinner tonight!

I still say going out to lunch is much nicer than going for dinner.  So relaxing.
 We've been very busy this week.  Have to start eating at home more.
 Jill did chores tonight and I finished the lawn.  Gary and Woody put in a window at a friend's house and they were busy much of the day (before and after lunch).
I love having the house the same color as the barn.  Pretty soon we will be coordinated.
 This evening Sidney helped me pick a bucket of cucumbers.  They are coming out our ears.
 Home on the range....
Tucked in those ponies and I'm outa here.
Night all.


  1. All of the food looks so very good!

  2. oh everybody looks happy! I like your picture of your cat trying to drive the mower!

    And i never had chowder in my life, looks good though...


  3. If we ever make it to NY, we are visiting you, going to that restaurant and I am ordering one of those Reubens.

  4. Great photos and time with friends is precious.

  5. That hosta picture in your header is stunning! And, no, I, for one, never get tired of your food pictures. I gain weight just looking at them.

  6. Hi Lori.loved the pic of the cat sitting on the mower! The food looks delicious and I like eating out..less dishes to wash! Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Hi Lori! It has been eons since I've visited your blog--I've missed seeing what you're up to and how your day has gone. The peach crisp looks delicious!! Have you tried the 'Peach Loaf' at Wegmans? I highly recommend this with vanilla ice cream!

  8. Peach soup! How I'd like to try that!

  9. What a beautiful-looking day - really highlights your place. I gained 5 pounds looking at the food pics.


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