Thursday, June 1, 2017

When the Queen is Happy There is Peace in the Kingdom

Ideal weather.

 While Gary was working in the gardens...

 Helen and I did a little uke playing.  
She caught on real fast!  Must be all that guitar playing when she was a kid.
 We tested the strawberries during lunch...so sweet.

 By the way....the food was provided by Judy.  We did not eat until 3!

 When we finished, Helen and I made a quick trip to Wegmans.
She is going to make a double batch of granola tomorrow....among other things.
Whenever she is in town we get together for a couple days at the farm and fit
in a much as possible.
 After putting the food away we jumped back in the car and drove over to the open house
as Sunking.
 I am very proud of Duane Beckett for all that he has accomplished in a very short time.
 This sign was on the wall in Michelle's office 
(she has been working at Sunking for the past 16 year)...it's a good one.
 I'm going back for a visit when I have time to take a tour.
 We headed into Rochester at 6 for a jam that was being held at Bernunzio's.

 The place was packed!  Ukes are in.

 When we were finished, Fred and Danette invited us to walk over to The Spot
for coffee.  The building used to be a Chevy dealership and had a great feeling.

We did not get home until 10!  What a full day...
but well worth it.
Night all.

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  1. Looks like you're having fun! Another use player too!


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