Friday, March 3, 2017

Crispy Critters!

Another cold and windy morning.  The sunrise had me faked out.

 The girls were all sporting their heavy Rambos and I decided to put the hay in one of the 
pastures that had a little solar goin' on.

 Everything looked good when I went back to the house.
 (The tulips are starting to open up).
 All of a sudden we were hit with heavy snow.

 I had to go to Wegmans, and by the time I got home it looked like this!
Almost all the snow was gone.
 By late afternoon the sun was coming in the west windows and all the critters were snoozing.

 Little Wonder's sleep was interrupted.

 Before dinner we had a little play time.  LW has really learned to respond to the exercises Barb has been teaching us.
 Phoebe was doing her usual.

 I can't believe that Seymour lets LW clean his ears.
 There was a little jealousy going on when Sidney got on my lap.
 I really appreciated having the fire going all afternoon as the wind kept 
the temperature in the teens.

 Leftovers for dinner.
Minestrone, salad and toast.
 I'm outa here.  Duplicate bridge tonight and I am subbing.
Night all.


  1. That chair looks so cosy in your last photo, what a good place to curl up.

  2. Well at least the snow didn't stick around.


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