Saturday, January 10, 2015

More of the Same...

A dramatic sunrise...
 with a wind chill around 0.


 After chores I spent several hours filing or deep sixing at least a bushel of papers I have let accumulate over the past few months.  At least I was doing something for a change.
Took a quick trip down to Big Lots to buy a couple of storage bins and then proceeded to sit by the fire watching episode after episode of "White Collar."  I'm hooked.
Out to do chores at 5.

 The girls toughed it out all day and were happy to get in the barn.
 Gary was kind enough to go down to the Golden Eagle for a takeout dinner.
Chicken Souvlaki.  Incredible, and I did not have to cook.
Night all.


  1. Sounds like my kind of day -- Wait, it was my day! :-) ...except for the chores!

    Stay warm!!

  2. Always nice to not cook. Cold here too. I'm cleaning out closets. Guess the weather is good for something.

  3. Love White Collar!
    I really hate going through that huge stack of papers and sorting!

  4. I was wondering if it was hard for a social person such as yourself to be stuck indoors in the winter, but then I remembered you probably still weren't feeling 100% and imagined you also appreciate the time to catch up on indoor things. Dinner looks terrific!


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