Sunday, November 30, 2014

Morning, Noon and Night

A very nice start to the day.  Mildish.  Karen slept in and I was on my own.

 The girls did not
 have their blankets on
 for long,
 as the sun warmed up the air quickly.

 As promised, Doug arrived at 9am to fix the hydrant in the barn.  He also stopped a leak in the one across from the paddock.  Since he knows what he's doing, it hardly took half and hour and I am VERY grateful.
 By now it was in the mid 50s and I decided to ride my trike into Brockport.  
You can follow me in the post below.

When I got back to the farm I picked up all the tulip petals which had fallen onto the dining room table.  They sure did not last long.
 Posted my trike ride pictures, started heating some leftovers for dinner and went out to tuck the girls in.
 It was not even 5 and it was pitch black.
 Except for Berlin, they looked like a bunch of piggies.

 The temperature went up to 61 degrees by late afternoon.  Not bad for the day before December.
Don't forget to check out the post below.
Night all.


  1. I looked at the trike post and can just see me on a trike, riding to the mail boxes and around the canyon, that would be so much fun! The houses along the way are very majestic and their porches and verandas just gorgeous. And it was good to see the horses in this post. Hope all is well in your world this first Sunday in Advent. Do you have a Swedish Advent Star to put in your window? I don't and I even forgot to buy the Advent candles.

  2. Two enjoyable posts at the end of a long weekend and a day that we've had warm temperatures too.

    We have trikes like yours that quite often are meandering down our road, and they are really enjoying themselves. I can's help but wave and smile when I pass them.

  3. It was so nice here today I took advantage and put up some outside Christmas decorations. Wouldn't this weather be nice if it lasts for a few more weeks.

  4. ALOHA Skoog Friends!

    from Honolulu

  5. We had another day of rain today. We should get a break tomorrow and then we will have more Tuesday and through the weekend. I'm hoping some of the resevoirs will start to fill.

  6. Thank you for taking us with you on your trike ride. I love when bloggers take us on a walk or ride in their community. You live in a beautiful area. I just cannot figure out how to keep cut tulips, I usually just leave them in the garden or in the store. The tulips and table cover was a beautiful combination for Thanksgiving.

  7. Ya, it's 55 and climbing right here right now. I'll take this for Dec. 1. Morning, noon and night shots? All your posts include morning, noon and night shots.


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