Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chilly Willy!

 Downright cold this morning.

 After chores I oiled up the leather parts on a new (used) surcingle I cleaned up yesterday.  Got it out at Glen Darach Farm and can't wait to try it out.
 It's a Dover and I think it will be great.
 Too wet to mow the lawn lawn, so I started a fire in the kitchen woodstove and read.
 I'm afraid my orchid is on it's way out.  Half of the blossoms have fallen off and it has been blooming for over 3 months.
 Drumming today....

 Salad and leftover sauce on pasta
 for dinner....very simple.
 Late chores, as from 5:30 on the sun finally came out and it was too nice to put the girls in.

They were happy to get tucked in.

 Petals petals everywhere.....
Night all.


  1. Such beautiful gals you have, I never tire of seeing them. Look forward to seeing you using that surcingle :)

  2. iWeb wish it was chilly here now. It's muggy which is unusual for the Ca coast. We are happy to see every buddy was tucked in
    Benny & Lily

  3. The girls photograph so beautifully against the lush green!


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