Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 Very quiet this morning...no wind....felt good.
 Abbe went straight out to the pasture while Berlin chowed on the hay.
 A quick shower an off to chorus.  Our music is going to be great this semester.

 Home for lunch...did a few things and had a 3 o'clock appointment with the massage therapist.
 Just what I needed.   (The ahhhhh part of my day).
Stopped at Wegmans and got home around 4:30.
 The afternoon sun was divine!

 Chores a little after 5.  Still pretty light out there.

 Gary had a speaking engagement and I was invited to go to dinner with Finn, Coop and Jen.
Carrie did a spectacular job as usual...so nice to be included.
 Homemade bread....
 dipped in olive oil with lemon, garlic or (can't remember the third choice).

 As if that was not enough, she made a panini appetizer with tomato, maz, and basil.

 Then, the kids joined us and we had spags with meatballs and sausage.

 As if that was not enough, I was given a gigantic  "to go" bag with enough sauce for two meals, bread and the leftover panini (which Gary tried as soon as he got home).
Time to rest.
Night all.


  1. Me too! The light is gorgeous! And your home feels so welcoming.

  2. I want that salad on your header picture! It would taste real good right now after 9 hours of mounted training and no food.

  3. The salad in your header is beautiful. I love beets with orange and blue cheese. Yum! I enjoyed the shots of your house, it looks so warm and inviting. Your use of color shows your talent as an artist.
    We have more normal S. Calif weather on tap for the next week. I hope I can kick this bug and ride. Two of the people in Gayle's barn group were getting over the flu so I'm guessing they weren't "safe" yet.

  4. You are noticing daylight sooner, and this week, so suddenly, our mornings are darker!! Lovely meals, a super to-go-bag, a great day with family, Cheers from Jean.

  5. Oh I know I have said it before but your photos blow me away and I always leave here hungry.Hug B

  6. Oh what a nice day. I live vicariously thru you!

  7. Such beautiful light in a beautiful room! And that salad as banner -- I'll have one of those, please. xx


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