Wednesday, April 4, 2012


 From dawn to dusk the sky was brilliant.

 It was a cool start, but the temperature must have hit 50 today. 
 Naked ponies.

 After chores I dragged the outdoor arena in an attempt to keep the weeds from setting in.
 In the house before 9 for a quick shower and a drive to chorus.
 Woody played his guitar and I had plenty of opportunities to drum.
We accomplished a lot.  Even Orinoco Flow is starting to sound good.
 After lunch I decided to mow the lawn.

Rich green.

 I took a lot of pictures from the mower.

 When I got back in the house....the fire was going and
Sophie and Lilly were sacked out.

 So were Gucci and the Phoebster.
 (Who knows where Seymour and Sid were).

Time for evening chores.

 Curried off the dry mud before putting Abbe and Berlin in for the night.
 Dramatic light.

 If I only had long legs....
Night all.

 I had an update on Bella today.  She is doing well, getting used to her new home.
A new saddle should arrive in the next day or so and Dan will start riding his birthday girl.
Thanks to Sharon for keeping me in the loop.


  1. Looks like a beautiful day in your neighborhood.

  2. What a delightful album of your day!!! Great shots!

  3. What beautiful weather you had! Love that header shot of Abbe.

  4. Lovely evening shots of horses and shadows and your own shadow. Job to see what's real and what's shadow.

  5. Your farm is looking so pretty. Spring has sprung! LOVE your arena. The shadow picture in the previous post with you standing next to one of the "ponies" is really nice. As is all the beautiful light shots!

  6. Another lovely day from start to finish! Even that fire on our frosty morning looks inviting!!

    I hope you have a good Thursday!

  7. The light in these shots is magical.

  8. Such blue, such green, such light, such long legs!! It's spring - wow!
    (p.s. Our company has just left and I am catching up.)

  9. Glad to hear that Bella is doing so well in her new home.

    Great pictures as usual.

    p.s. sent you an email

  10. Looks like your winter has officially passed. Yay for you!!

  11. Same here! 50s, greening up!
    Love your long dressage rider legs, lol!


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