Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 Was out in the barn before 7 as I had a lot to do before 10.  Above is a run-in that is next to the horses stalls.  It is open on both ends and the fan is in that section.  All four horses can be found in there when it gets hot and buggy.  A little primitive as the barn is over 100 years old, but it has character.
 I had a lot done before Barb arrived so we were finished by 8.

 Another gorgeous morning.
 When I got in the house, I made some "Johnny Cake"/cornbread muffins without a muffin pan.  They all spread out...oh well.
 While they were baking I set up the Studio Barn.  Over 20 chorus members were coming to help organize 5000 raffle tickets for the Duck Derby.

 They were right on time.
 Easily the most reliable group I have worked with.

 We were done in 20 minutes and then had drinks and snacks.  You know... sun tea, lemonade, corn bread with jam, cranberry bread and scones.  Very productive.  We are trying to raise enough money to support our director and buy music.

 After lunch I mowed a couple of pastures and caught this bee working the posies when I went back to the house.

 In the meantime, John (our farrier) came to do King Mustafa's feet.
 He was a perfect gentleman and got a banana when they were finished.
 This is his favorite treat.  My horses don't know what to do with them.....

No fancy super tonight.  Just some mac salad
 and a simple spinach salad.
 ....and more Johnny Cake with jam.
 This has to be the best spinach we have ever grown and we will continue to have spinach salads every night until it is gone.  I think Gary is going to plant another row to prolong the pleasure of it's company.
 I moved the barn rocking chairs over to the shed in hopes that a swing can go on the porch to Gary's barn.
 Evening chores were done earlier and I did not have my camera with...put my cell phone in a pocket instead.  My brain has left me.  So, I went back out a little while ago to catch some shots.

 Pretty buggy tonight.
 Over 50 years ago, this was a cow farm and the front paddock was cement.  Part of it (the cement) has disappeared, but there is still a lot left.  Each year it fills in with more and more grass...and I'm lovin' it.  Today I mowed it again...it gets thicker that way.
 Everything is nice and dry....for the moment.  I hope some hay is being made.

Barb just tucked the ponies in for the night and I'm ready to hit the couch.
Night all.


  1. My daughter and I enjoyed seeing Mustafa receive his treat. Glad he was a good boy.

  2. Need to hear more about the "Duck Derby." Don't know what it is!

  3. Everything looks so lush!
    Your farrier is a gem.

  4. The 'Duck Derby' seems like a lot of fun--Anything that involves Wegmans and I'd be there! :-))

    It has been really 'buggy' here too, but the cooler weather has been nice. I hope you've had an enjoyable evening!!

  5. How nice to have such a dependable group of volunteers. That isn't so much the case where I live.... no matter the sport it seems that it is the same group of parents doing all the work. I don't think we have the same sense of community that you do.

    We are having the worst mosquito year I can remember. Usually they die off in the heat, but this year they didn't so now that it is rainy they are in full force.

  6. I'll have to try bananas on the horses next door. Mustafa's a good boy.
    Yes, this Duck Derby is curious. You'll have to tell us more.

  7. Hi Lori. Not really a comment; but check my yesterday's blog entry as I've put Ann's recipe for summer pudding on it as a comment.
    Cheers, Mike.

  8. I've never given my girls a banana. They like strawberries though. I think your run-in with the fan looks like the perfect place to escape the flies. Your horses are so lucky to live in such a wonderful place!

  9. Mm, mmm, spinach and cornbread and mm, mmm, everything looks so good, and you have great volunteers!


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