Campaign 2017

Campaign 2017
What a team...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011




 orange/mango spritzers....
 new projects...

 Donna's butterfly.
 During class Gordy B. came up and rototilled the outdoor arena and the indoor.  It looked like a dust bowl.  Now it will rain for sure.

 Remember that sculpture at the end of the is almost out of sight.
 Yesterday I moved our farm wagon to a different spot.  Pretty soon Gary will be selling garlic and it will be covered.
 Barb had chore duty tonight (only a couple more times and she will be done....eggggadssssss!!!!).  The small critters and I had a siesta time in the house.

 We needed a sauce fix.

 Another simple supper.
 Then, I practiced drumming for a little while.  On the 28th our group is going to meet again.
 Fed the dogs and cats...
 Signing off....
Night all.


  1. A great looking supper and I love the photo with the cats all eating together.

  2. A lovely day at your busy farm. I obviously missed something while I was gone. I wonder where Barb is going?

  3. WHOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOOOO you got tracy Chapman on your list!!!!!!

    hmmmm singing along and drifting away!!!!


  4. It's like a vacation visiting here!

    Aloha from Honolulu :)

    Comfort Spiral




  5. Yikes, I'm sorry you're losing Barb and The King.

  6. I'm sorry that life has kept me from visiting you the last few days--Thank-you for your good thoughts for us. Your lemonade looks delicious, and with temps today expected in the 90's, it would be a treat to enjoy--Enjoy your Wednesday!!

  7. Would love to purchase some garlic from you sometime. Your dinner looks divine.

  8. Love you day in the life take. Ha! More about those spritzers?


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