Saturday, June 4, 2011


 Barb was here for chores this morning and it was a piece of cake.
 It was damp and the weather was unpredictable...bugs were buzzin'...on with the masks.

 Look at those dirty feet!

After a quick shower I gathered every thing I needed to take down to the art opening and arrived at the library around 11:15.  As usual, the crew was there to set up.  How sweet it is to work with people who get along with each other and are so capable in every way.  We listened to some cool jazz.
 Gary looked like the supervisor.
 All the participants in the show are always very supportive of each other.  Below, Bing was speaking to Al about his carvings....Al was giving out secret techniques.  Neither of them have ever been my students, but their work deserves to be seen.
 Think about it.  This beautiful bird was carved from a chunk of wood!  Look at those feathers!  Can he paint or what?
 OK Kendra...here's what it looked like.

 Everyone loved the way Jean displayed her black & white 6x6 ink drawings.
 Louise and Jack could not make the show, but they sent over a beautiful bouquet of Iris.
 Here we go.
 Theses three paintings are by Bing Rath, a self taught artist who does amazing work!
 Familiar scenes from this area.

 Madonna, really Donna, is comfortable working with paper, colored pencils and more.  For as long as I can remember (and that's a long time) she has always made her own Christmas and greeting cards.  Very clever, that woman!

 (By the way....most of this art was under glass, so you will have to excuse the glare and reflections).

 Brenda Cretney was one of my students many years ago.  Now she is hooked up with a very prominent water color group and is entering national shows.  She and her husband Al (the carver) have a spectacular studio and work in it very regularly...can't you tell?
 My ponies....she grabbed this photo off my Journal.
 The above painting...has to be New Orleans.
 My Berlin....

 Great technique and outstanding compositions.

The End (of Brenda's work).

This drawing is by Sandy Clark.  The dog is Frieda, owned by Jon and Maria over at Bedlam Farm.

 Can you tell...she loves horses?
 ...and these 3 goats (also from Bedlam Farm).

 Next, there are 3 paintings by Connie Bonner.  She was my student for several years and now studies watercolor painting in the town of Wyoming.
 Ignore all those reflections.....
 Very classical.

This year all of Tina's pieces were done in pastels.
 You've seen many photos of DJ and Sandman in the posts from Christina's World.

 Deb Talley wrote and illustrated her first of several books on family history.
 She has a very free and gentle style that worked beautifully.
 I look forward to seeing what's next.

 Mel Burch and I shared this space.  You've already seen all of my photographs....
 Let's see what Mel did.
He loves working with wildlife and birds....and other things....

 As per usual, we had punch and great treats.
 Donna created a very sweet centerpiece with a branch, nest and paper flowers.

 We "try" to have healthy food.

Bing and Al were still talking two hours later!

 Sally was the first to arrive....of course....
 Right after that, there was a torrential downpour.  Ute and Ray came in with their rain gear on.

 You know Mary Pat...She's everywhere and so photogenic!

 Tina's friend Dorthea drove all the way from the Lockport area to see the show....and brought her these beautiful flowers.
 OK Kendra, is that enough? 

Deb and I wanted to go over to the last drumming session of the semester, so we hot footed it out of the library and drove to Hartwell Hall.  This was Deb's first time working with Khalid, and it was quite an initiation.  Everyone was very mellow and there was a lot of laughter.  We will all be very happy when drumming starts up again in the fall.  In the meantime, I hope some of my local drumming buddies will join me for a few practices this summer.
We walked in to this....

This has to be my longest post ever!  Now I am going to hit the couch.  Hope you liked the show.
Night all.


  1. It was a great show...enjoyed seeing so much talent and meeting the artists.

    Oops...I forgot to sign the book.

    Glad you made it to drumming!

  2. I love all the work but I especially love Brenda's stuff. I'm a sucker for watercolors -- and then watercolors of your horses -- what could be better??!

  3. All the art work is gorgeous. You must be proud of your students!
    Looks like there was a good attendance. Did they come for the brownies?
    Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  4. Lori, What a treat to see everyone's art work---people are sooooooo talented. I love the bluejay pic for your header--great shot. Have a nice Sunday. Mickie :)

  5. Thank you, Lori! I loved it. As Tina said, it was almost like being there. Your students, past and present, are all to be congratulated. Good show.


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