Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Last night we got a little more snow and it was blown all over the place....but this morning....
 Va vaaa vooom!
 Color was back in the sky.

 I put my little sled away too soon, as there were gallons of hot water to be carried out to the water trough.
 The snow was 6 or 7 inches deep in the paddock...I just shoveled around the gate.
 The shadows were blue violet.
 And I was just getting psyched to move back out to the studio for my art classes and drumming....ha!

 The sun made a difference very quickly.
 Notice those filthy blankets!

 There's no doubt about it...when the sun is out like this, you just feel ambitious.

 After chores I drove down to Brockport to get my car inspected...it passed.
Then I stopped into Country Treasures to pick up a quilted bag. Grabbed this shot while I was there.
Now, I should be able to find my cell phone when it is ringing frantically in my purse.
Finn had to go to the Doctor this morning...Strep throat.  He spent the rest of the day with us.
Until the last hour (when he and Grampa played Sequence) he was on the couch.
The entire day was gorgeous, tho it was just a little over 30.

The dogs and cats were in and out, in and out...

Of course, I spent part of the afternoon in my "command central" checking out all your blogs.  Could I fit anything else in this library?  Like maybe a few more books....
 When the sun comes in like this...it makes me want to play the piano (or move furniture).

 Tonight we had dinner before chores... LOOK at what happened to my hot dogs (the ones with no nitrates or junk in them)!!!!I put them in the oven on top of the sauerkraut, apples and onions (with vinegar and brown sugar) and ba booooom!
By the time I picked the paddocks (it melted enough for me to see where the manure was located), the horses did not go in until 6:45.  It was still bright outside.

 Tucked them in and that was that.
The sunset was going to be a beauty.
(Looking across the street through the library window).

Sidney and Gucci join me in saying "Night all!"


  1. We are expecting a little precip tomorrow, but I'm hoping it will melt away fast.

    Lovely sunset! :)

  2. We had color and sun this morning, but darn it was cold - lots of wind and wind chills in the teens - may (real) spring come soon!

  3. Rain last night, rain tonight, rain tomorrow... I'm SO sick of rain!!

  4. Once again, great pictures! I hope Finn feels better and I hope your snow melts quickly--But doesn't leave too big of a mess when it does! :-)))

  5. I like your barn, do you know the year it was built?
    Your header photo is beautiful.

  6. Gorgeous colors and light, but I have to say that is the first meal of yours that didn't make me drool. hahaha.

  7. Gorgeous pics. Thanks 4 sharing. By the way....there is a GI doc in Scottsdale named Suzanne Skoog. Have a great day.

  8. Lori, you've outdone yourself. Those photos are gorgeous!

  9. Wow, each photo is more beautiful than the last, Lori. And I LOVE your header. Have a great weekend. Jo

  10. Love the sun on the side of the barn...love the photo of the house where you play the piano...love the sky...gorgeous photos again.


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