Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Calm Before The Plunge

We woke up to fog and milder temperatures.

 Cleaned stalls, threw down some hay from the loft and swept out the aisle.  Karen made me new mittens and my hands felt great.  There are two layers...perfect.
This is Berlin's stall, Maggie's is in the back.  Remember, this barn is over 100 years old and not real fancy.
 Abbe has a very big stall too.  As I have lost horses, walls have been knocked down and they all have "studios."
 So nice to catch a break.

 After coffee at Java, Gary came home with the bread maker.  (Thank you Sally)
 I made my debut with a simple loaf.  The taste test will be coming up later.
Could this be a sign of spring?

 Jack R. stopped in for some tea and company, so we chatted for awhile.
Out to do chores a little after 5.  We hit at least 30 degrees today and the temperature is now dropping.  We should wake up to snow squalls and a windchill of -25 or worse.

 At least for now, the temperature in the barn is holding at 25.
I'm sure the girls will appreciate it.

Dinner.  Finished up the sloppy joes and coleslaw...added some roasted potatoes.  Nuthin' fancy.
Let's see what tomorrow brings.  I'm supposed to be in Rochester by 11am.
Night all.


  1. Though our house is over 100 years old, our barn is much less so, and much less fancy than yours!

  2. I'm sure the girls appreciated the break in the weather. I love your barn and the huge studio stalls! It's so nice for them to be able to enjoy all that room.

    Crazy weather. It's almost the end of Feb. I'm hoping it warms up and stays warm soon.

  3. We're getting the same tomorrow - very cold temps overnight with -30 windchill (again . . .).

  4. You are going to love that bread machine. I had one when the kids were small and made all of our bread -- it was so easy I could work full time, take care of the kids AND make bread.

  5. Youre a domestic Goddess, Lori... I remember my first loaf... it didnt look like yours, all nice and loaf like. It looked like....well, You are a domestic Goddess, Lori....

  6. I guess you take a nice day when you can get it. I would love to stand in that old barn.

  7. Yum, baking bread, perfect antidote to cold weather . . . Amazing that the ponies can withstand the cold, even inside the barn on those super frigid days. xxxx

  8. That flower is absolutely gorgeous. It reminded mom of Hawaii. Your sky looks blustery cold
    Lily & Edward


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