Thursday, February 19, 2015

I Did It! Lost My Point and Shoot in the Snow!

 I can't believe the colors in the sky.
 Amazing sunrises considering how miserable we have been with all this snow and extreme cold.

 I think we had a high of 8 or 9 today.  Put some hay in the indoor for the girls this morning.
 Of course they did not all enter so they could get out of the wind.

I left the farm around 11 to grab a few things at Wegmans.  Then I picked up Sally and we went to Java for lunch (good for her to get out of the house).  When I left home, the sun was very bright and  3 miles down the road the visibility was terrible. The lake effect snow was heading south with heavy wind and blizzard like conditions.  We only had a few blocks to go, so we went for it.
Didn't take any pictures as my camera fell out of my purse in the car.
Took several shots on the way home to show you how awful it was and when I went out to put the horses in the barn...took more.  Very dramatic with the heavy snow fall.  Got them tucked in and voila!!!!!  The camera was not in my pocket.  Looked all over for half an hour in at least -25 wind and COULD NOT FIND IT!!!!!
Of course I could not be without, so I bought another camera that was on sale and was back in business.  When I got home I made some split pea soup with ham.  It smelled so good!!!!  Could not wait for dinner.
 Grained the girls first and did not turn them out.  Tooooo ugly out there.

 Bomb number two for the day!  The pea soup was TOO SALTY!  Give me a break!!!!
I'm so ticked I'm not even going to show it to you.
Sidney has the right idea.
Just got off the phone with Hanny, who is on the Gulf Coast in Florida.  She said they are supposed to have a frost tonight!  Boy, is she in for a surprise when she comes back home in 10 days!
Here we are, having an enormous amount of snow and arctic conditions, while my friends out at Oak Creek Ranch in California are warmer than normal (like spring) with serious drought conditions.  We are in deep tapioca.
Wherever you are, I hope you are warm.
Night all.


  1. Oh no about your camera! My biggest fear is dropping my keys out of my coat pocket into the snow while doing chores in the dark in the morning. Maybe I should just start the car before chores instead of after. I wonder if your camera will work at all when you find it. Annette does have it pretty good doesn't she?

  2. I couldn't last without my camera either, Lori! Hopefully your old one will turn up in useable condition. Meanwhile I am enjoying the photos you took with your new camera. How many times have I wished I could curl up and sleep like your Sidney? Take care!

  3. Some stunning shots here! I bet that camera will show up sooner or later. You're right, much warmer than average here in S CA and with a serious drought.

  4. I don't lose my cameras, they just stop working. Still a pain in the patookie.

    Sunrises, such as the ones you've had of late, must be Mother Nature's apology for the horror of winter. Either that or it's her way of saying "if you behave you'll get pretties like this".

  5. I'm sure your camera will show up sooner or later. Hope it still works. Nice pics with the new camera though.

    Too cold here still - 2 this morning feels like -20 they say. This is ridiculous. Hang in there Spring is just around the corner.

  6. Didn't miss a blogging beat. That's dedication! :)

  7. Oh no! I'm so afraid of losing my pocket camera...I bought a horrid pink one and have dropped it ... left it, and had it soaked twice.
    Unfortunately, it still works and I can't lose it no matter how hard I try!
    At least the memory card should survive if the camera doesn't...hopefully it magically appears!


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