Saturday, November 15, 2014

Part 2 Katie's Birthday

Speaking of multi generational....
Tonight Gary and I joined a house full of people to celebrate the 40th birthday of Max and Kathy's daughter, Katie.  She and Jenny are good friends and we were invited to go along.  Ironically, many of the guests were my students back in the day.  There were only 5 of us in our age group.
 Kristin and Jenny gave Katie a "walker" for her birthday.
 I'm sure she was thrilled.
 The picture below is posted especially for our daughter Stephanie.  Do you know who this is?
You used to be neighbors many years ago.

 There was live entertainment by John (can't remember his last name), who is one of the best vocalists I have heard in a long time.  This middle school teacher is an outstanding musician as well... keyboard and guitar.  He can sing anything, and his sound system was perfect.
 Here is a short clip...background noise and all.

After going on a wine tour today, Mike wanted to have this surprise party for Katie.

 I had a chance to catch up with Katie's sister, Corey (who happens to be one of Cooper's teachers).

 I tried posting a picture of Scott with Jenny, but his eyes were closed everytime!
 We danced, we sang, we ate lots of good food and it was a real pleasure to be included with all of these "kids."
 The Robertson's sure know how to host a terrific party.
Night all.


  1. What a wonderful evening together, singing, a walker!!! well, Katie can always keep it for a rainy day, or fit a motor to it, for faster travel. I would have it by the clothesline for pegs and laundry basket ( That's the practical side of my mind). Best wishes, Jean,.

  2. Happy Birthday to Katie! Looks like such a great time!


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