Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Double Header

 Today there was a Bazaar at The Center.

As soon as I walked in I had to buy some raffle tickets for this quilt.  (No phone call, so I must not have won).
 Joyce Henion did one heck of a job getting everything organized.
 There were tables set upstairs and down.
 Ann, Hanny and Alana were there.

 Louie, the Association Prez, was on call for grilling hot dogs.
 The Chili Art Guild had a table full of original pieces.

 There was a raffle at this table....1 free ticket that you could put in any of the bags.  I won an extra large pop open dog kennel (which I gave to the kitties on the back porch).

 Coffee and donuts for the early crowd.
Hot dogs, chips, chili and drinks for lunch.

 Both parking lots were jammed....a very good sign.
 I bought these three hats
 and the blanket Gary is sleeping under was only 10 bucks.  (Not to mention several other things).

 Did a little reading this afternoon and then we were off to the Seymour Library for a fundraiser.

 The usual suspects were in attendance.  If you have followed my Journal for awhile, you probably recognize half of these people.  They consistently support our community.
 Many beautiful flower arrangements were donated
and I forgot to take pictures of all the wine and food pairings.

 Every year baskets are donated and bid on.  It's always been a very successful and well attended fundraiser.

 A good time for a very worthy cause.
 Too late to start a fire.
Night all.


  1. Love seeing all of the crafty things.
    Hey, Art teacher, what method was used in the grape painting to make it look like the paper had been crumpled? It's awesome!

  2. So many nice things! It'd be hard to watch the budget there!

  3. What a fun and full day!! Sorry you didn't win the quilt, but the cats did win a great place to stay cozy in the coming winter months.

    Hope you're enjoying your day!!

  4. I don't know how you found time for a trike ride, such a busy and fun day!


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