Friday, September 23, 2011


 Gorgeous sunrise.
The light hit the door in our bedroom.
 The pups and I went out to do chores.

 Finished up about 8:30 and decided to mow the trail out back.
 Just two swipes with the lawn tractor....about a mile.

 Over a hundred acres of soybeans are about ready to be picked.
 Got back and dragged the outdoor arena.  Jill and I were supposed to ride today, but she ended up canning peaches.  Another day.
 Lunch, then out to the studio for awhile.  The plums are much softer now and ready to be eaten.  Picked a few.

 I can hardly remember the way the house looked when it was red.  It ended up raining today so Gary did not paint.  Instead, he went out to Randy's to can dill pickles.
 I was motivated to work inside and made another jar of fresh cucumber slices.
 Invited Randy and Arlene to dinner.  Jill did chores.

 A cold supper.  Meatloaf sandwiches, potato salad, beets, cucumbers and sliced tomatoes.  Randy and Arlene brought peach shortcake.
 A good night for a pot of tea.

 We played Sequence.  Arlene and I were pulverized....again!
 Gucci and Seymour wrestled.
So much for today.
Night all.


  1. You are such an inspiration Lorelei. Loved loved loved the first pic of sunrise. So you're planting soybeans now as well? 100 acres! Holy cow. How does one plant 100 acres of soybeans anyway? I envy your energy. Hope you're doing well my friend.....Best, Rebecca

  2. What a beautiful sky-you stepped out the door at just the right time--lovely capture. Have a nice weekend. Mickie :)

  3. Lori, I'm sorry that I've not been able to visit your blog this week, but you know why...Thank-you for the kind words you left for Reggie! I have so enjoyed catching up on your news and looking at your pictures has given me a needed escape this morning and has made me feel better--Thank-you for that too!!

    Enjoy your Saturday!! By the way, I've never had fried green tomatoes, and I would love to sometime, I wonder if Wegmans has them? :-)

  4. Love that image of your cucumbers... so end of summer.

  5. Wonderful pictures as always and it looks like you have such a great group of people to get together with. Love the cat wrestling!

  6. You are simply amazing. You can fit so much into a day and still have time for guests.

  7. Hey, who wouldn't want to 'stick around' your place! Simple beautiful!
    Meatloaf sandwich....I could handle that along with peach shortcake! You are very cruel, you know! lol

  8. You have such varied and interesting days, Lori. I always love coming here and seeing what new thing you are doing. :)

  9. The house looks charming.
    I've seen that tea pot before (maybe on your blog?) and I love it!

  10. Love your new header picture!

    Looks like you had a wonderful day :)

  11. Hi Lori, I got my card today too much fun. You have a lovely farm and your sunrise pics are beautiful.



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