Friday, September 2, 2011


Woke up to some fog which would later turn into steam.  The whole day was going to be a hot flash.

Got through chores in no time.
 Then I had to soak and wrap Abbe's foot AGAIN!  Her boot was off before she went in last night.

 Masterpiece likes to hang out in the tack room, so he kept her company.  Loves the fan.
 Ran a couple of errands, made lunch for Gary and Woody....then it was time for John to arrive and do the horses feet.  I had him check out Abbe first.  He could not find a sign of an abscess anywhere and she managed to stand well enough so she could get a complete trim.  He said "SHE'S TOO HEAVY."
Her vacation has been too long and now she is really going to get cut back in the chow department.
 I don't want her to end up with foot problems.

 It was Belle's first time to be trimmed by John and she was a very good girl (as in perfect).
 By the time we were done, I was sweating bullets and my hair curled up (the older I get....weird, since it is always poker straight).

 Trim work is being done on the house now.  Gary spent hours on one window...they are huge in the roadside of the house.
 The whole place looks like a bomb hit...so much is out of place.
 But we do match the barn .....
Time to put the ponies in.
Night all.


  1. Your cosmos is really lovely, and I hope your weekend is too!! Stay cool, heat is coming for the weekend!

  2. The house looks great. We've got a little chubby guy (Sami) who needs a diet plan too. Hope Abbe will be alright, she's too cute. Pretty pictures as always.

  3. Your cosmos are beautiful -- one of my very favorite flowers.
    I think Abbe is giving you the evil eye for saying that her feed is going to be cut back...

  4. A diet...poor Abbey. I suppose this is called "tough love."

    Your house is looking great!

  5. That first photo is awesome--just beautiful. The coreopsis are lovely too--one of my favorites. Love that you can "choose" music to listen to--I'm impressed. Have a lovely weekend. Mickie ;)

  6. Poor "little" Abbe. Our Danza is in the same boat. She just looks at hay or grass and gains 20lbs. I wonder if Abbe just bruised her foot on something. I hope it gets better soon.

  7. Abbe's not going to be happy with a diet, is she? Love those flowers. .. and your freshly-painted house. Don't know how Gary can paint in this heat, tho!


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