Monday, November 17, 2014

A Change Of Scenery....

Ta Daaaaaaa.

 The girls had hay nets in the indoor and hay under the shed roof.
 Where did they go?

 At 11 I headed down to The Center
 as the three computers and flat screen tv donated by Sunnking
 were being delivered.
 Of course I forgot to get out my camera, but will show them to you on Wednesday when I go there for chorus.  Todd and Roger (from the Town) did a great job delivering and setting things up.  Everything should be ready to use in the next day or two.  I'm in the process of getting DVDs donated so we can show movies once in awhile.  Things are starting to perk.
 It's supposed to be in the low 20s tomorrow and 55 this coming Sunday.  Insane.  Val (from Mulewings) just sent me a comment, hoping that I don't want a lot of snow.  Ha Ha.  They are getting pounded all around us.
 And who said Abbe was looking pretty clean?  When it was time to go in tonight, she had just rolled in her Rambo (which was nice and wet from the snow) and it was thick with the footing from the indoor.  So bad, I had to remove it and will have a great time drying it.
 No one can say that she is inconsistent!

 Dinner was leftover chili with rice, a big salad and the last of the cornbread.
It tasted better than it did yesterday.
Night all.


  1. Abbe is such a character!
    I hate driving in snow.

  2. Same here in southern Ontario :( more to come and it is going to be -18 tomorrow. Winter has arrived with a bang!

  3. How lovely to see snow!

  4. Love that image of your horses in snow.

  5. Gorgeous if you can stay inside. We heard some areas had 3 feet
    Lily & Edward

  6. You got about the same amount we did. I seriously can't believe you forgot your camera. Isn't that like forgetting your right arm?

  7. I won't complain that it's going to be 16 degrees here tonight. I'll just think of you and hope that you and Gary and all of the herd stay safe and warm and weather the storm!

  8. I would love some snow ... we will be adding to our lovely first couple of inches tonight and tomorrow.

    I however do not look forward to freezing rain on Friday night and Saturday?
    Ahhh don't we just love the weather.

    It will be warmer tomorrow...almost 20 degrees.
    Have a great evening.

  9. Hello Lori. I'm glad I live this side of the pond. Haven't even had a frost here yet! Still, mustn't gloat - there's plenty of time yet.


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