Friday, January 4, 2013

I Think I Killed Another Camera....

 Just when the temperature was supposed to be a little above freezing we had high wind warnings.
Gusts up to 51 miles per hour and crazy out there.  Nice person that I am, loaded up some hay nets and put them in the indoor with some water.
 Abbe was not too happy with the roaring sound and would not stay inside.
 I think she thought I was going to lock them in.

 Sidney is really turning into a house cat.  Comes in at 9am and does not go out until evening chores.
I gave the girls some extra hay before going down to Agape.
 Gary is starting to like going there.
 It kept blowing all day long and probably won't stop for a few more hours.

 This afternoon I started reading a book Jen gave me when I had my knee surgery and got hooked.
As soon as I went outside to do chores, my camera quit working right.  Everything was fuzzier than usual.

 Tucked the girls in and could not get one clear picture other than this....
 and one of Sid.

Dinner shots were blurry too.  Tonight we had leftover chili on rice...love it that way.
 I take so many pictures (and abuse my camera taking it out to the barn) I can't even get through a year without destroying them.  Fortunately, my good Canon Power Shot still works.
Drumming tomorrow.
Night all.


  1. That is why I use my Canon Power Shot it seems to thrive on abuse. I know how much abuse you can put a camera through on the farm.
    Drumming oh that sounds like fun. Night Hug B

  2. I have a very cheap pink Sanyon camera that I bought because I kept breaking them left and right.

    For some reason it will not break. And it is bright pink so I don't lose it in the woods!

    I'm glad your power shot works!

  3. Oh no! Bad weather and a dead camera! Not a good day.

  4. I'm thinking cameras don't care for nasty weather. I'm using a power shot too. I just don't understand most of it!

  5. You probably take more pictures in a year than the rest of us take in a lifetime. I'm not surprised you wear them out.

  6. Great photos, but sorry to hear about your camera.

  7. With a bed like that, I would stay indoors day and night both. As usual, it is great to visit your farm.

  8. It is no wonder you wear out cameras. They just can't keep up with your wonderful life : )

  9. It was gusty here too. That was the killer. 10 above is cold enough... then add the wind. Got two outdoor cats that don't move from the woodstove on days like this.

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