Saturday, October 6, 2012


 We had quite a bit of rain last night.  Another grey and chilly the 50s.
 Served the girls their hay under the shed roof....just in case.
 Mowed the front paddock....
 and dragged the indoor.  It got pretty messed up at the Locavore dinner.
 Gary continued to rake up black walnuts in the front yard so we could mow it.  There were thousands!  I'm not kidding.  This is the third time we have raked and there have never been so many.
In the meantime I prepared a couple of things for some very special guests.

 As you know, I love having the opportunity to meet some of my blogging friends, and today was one of those days.  Cyndi, from "Living a Dream" out in Colorado...was in town with her husband Scott.
Tonight they were attending a reunion not too far from here.
 It was non-stop chatting from the time they arrived.
 You learn so much when you communicate through blogging, by the time you finally meet you have a head start and much to discuss.  Like Jean from New Zealand, it would give me great pleasure to meet all the friends I have met this way.

 Thank you Cyndi and Scott, for taking the time to look us up during your visit to the area.
The critters thank you too, for the goodies you brought them.
 Jenny decided to join us for leftovers.
 It was so windy and cold when I went out to do the chores, the girls were fed inside for the first time since spring.

 Barb picked up 20 bales of spectacular second cutting (grass) and delivered them a little after 6.
 With Jenny's help it was stacked in 5 minutes.
 Thank you Barb!
Jenny looked pretty cute in the straw hat from Colorado.  Let's see if Cooper likes it.
Night all.


  1. OK, first of all I love your arenas, and you drag them the same way I do. Second, I wish I could get hay like that. We just got 30 bales today, and it's nice, but not close to what you have. I'm jealous. Say Hi to the family for us.

  2. Yes Lori, totally wonderful to meet blog friends, it is still my dream.You really have autumn colours, shadows and warm hats and jackets to say how real it is. 8C, at your place, cooler every week . Greetings from Jean.

  3. That Colorado hat surely does look good on Jenny.
    It is so wonderful that you met a blogger friend and it is true it is like you have known them forever. I surely look forward to the day I hope to meet you. B

  4. What? There were leftovers?! How did that happen? I was sure I ate my weight in cheese and peppers! It was all yummy. As yummy as it looks in the pictures. It was certainly nice to spend a chilly afternoon with the warmth of new friends and a warm fire. And Gary didn't really want to pick up more walnuts, right?

  5. Hi, Skoogies - I'm back (briefly) from book tour, happy to catch up with you and see the fall colors creeping in. xx

  6. I read Cyndi's blog so I know they had a great time. For me, it was fun to see what they look like too. And what a creative gift "basket." This must have been so much fun for everyone.

  7. Lucky Cyndi and Scott!
    Our outrageously expensive hay is not as nice as yours. :(

  8. What beautiful hay. Wish it wasn't so expensive here....

    How wonderful to have blogging guests. If I'm ever in the Lower 48 the Skoog Farm would definitely be one of my stops!


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