The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....


Saturday, February 9, 2019

Gone is the Wind....

Still freezing.
 Fortunately the horses could be outside all day.


Now this is a great catch...both dogs sticking their tongues out at the same time.
 "We Sing" got together today for a practice session from 11:30-3.
We tried a couple new songs that are going to be keepers.
Time always flies when we are singing.
 I had chore duty tonight.
The barn was still pretty cold....just 20 degrees.
 I'm sure Rebel and the girls were happy to be in their stalls.
 As you can see, Maggie rolled's that for a face?

 Little Wonder stuck it out with me for about half and hour.
Phoebe went in early.
 Dinner?  The other night I divided a 1 pound package of organic beef
into 4 burgers.  Tonight we had the other two.  Simple.
Time to take it easy.
 We are very good at that.
Night all.


  1. Was 15 this morning but at least the wind was gone. Looks like you had fun singing and picking tunes to keep.

  2. LOL! You should have seen Mica our grey mule after the warm up a week or so ago, she was a mud mule. She and the other mules are out taking snow baths today.


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