The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Another Transition....

The cool down started this morning and now we are in the high 20s.

 The horses needed some clothing, but not their heavy blankets.
 Can you believe it?  Maggie rolled in the ditch full of water right off the bat.

 It's a muddy, flooded mess.

 Can you see me in Berlin's eye?

 I took a quick shower before class as I had to be ready to leave by noon. 
Had an appointment in Rochester for a mammogram. 

 Every time I go there I sit in the same place so I can take pictures of 
the fish tank.  In the past they have been beautiful....not today.
The lighting was very weird.
 I was in and out of there in less than an hour.  
That has never happened before....
and I even waited for the results (which were good).
On the way home I passed by a newly "planted" solar field.
Do you have any near you?
 Eventually I made a batch of chicken soup for dinner.
 We ate early as I had a Town Board meeting at 6.
My sandwich....Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Night all.

The weatherman is saying that we may have some freezing rain, ice and
could possibly lose power tomorrow.  I can't wait.
Walking will be treacherous!

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  1. We're cooling off too today. Funny, I had a mammogram on Monday. How much fun is that! It's a necessary torture though.


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