Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pints and Politics

 Another yellow day.
 I am amazed at how these flowers keep blooming when there is no rain.

 Two hibiscus blossoms this morning.
(they do get watered)

 I ran a couple errands and spent part of the afternoon watching 
World Cup Soccer.....England vs. Croatia
 Pretty amazing!
 Our son-in-laws family is from Croatia and they were beyond excited!
 Such spirit!
I. put the horses in for Karen tonight

 and drove down to the village for "Pints and Politics,"
a monthly gathering of Democrats from the western side of our county.

 We had many special guests and a great turnout.
 Zee Shepard and Fatimat Ried, Monroe County Family Court Judge Candidates, Joe Morelle, Congressional Candidate,  and Jeremy Cooney State Senate Candidate.
 I have posted photos of all in the past and hope that they will be 
in Congress, the State Senate and Family Court after the election
in November.

 All had an opportunity to speak and it was a pleasure to hear messages that were
positive, civilized, caring and full of integrity.

 The County Sheriff and his wife also joined us and we had some very good discussions
regarding what can be done in our community to make a difference.

 Politics.  I am very happy to be part of a group that cares about the
quality of life for all people.  It's not just about party.
Night all.

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