Saturday, June 9, 2018

So Long....

 This morning Maggie got clipped, as she did not give up her coat this spring.
 Karen did an outstanding job
 and I'm sure Maggie appreciated it.

 Gary had a busy day with Finn and Cooper going from one baseball game to the next.
While he was gone, our two old lawn tractors rolled off into the sunset.
 They both served us well and I'll bet the man who took them will
have them back in service one of these days.
I am so ready to unload things.
 I can't resist taking photos of the clematis blossoms when I walk by.
 There must be at least 50.

 Slowly but surely, Gary is making progress with the flower gardens.
All the veggies are planted.

 Cooper had an overnight and Finn came up for dinner.
Scott and Jen are off to see a Train/Hall and Oats Concert so
Grampa is in charge.
 Another delicious meal.  Grilled pork, lomain, peas and a fruit salad.
 The Belmont Race was on while we ate.

Justify and his Jock made history.
I'm so glad no horses were hurt in the race.

 I had chore duty tonight.  It sure was buggy here today....those nasty little gnats.
 The girls were happy to get in their stalls.

 (I had to walk by them again)

Night all.


  1. Another wonderful day, those blooms, beautiful. And the lawn tractors, they will get a good repair, and go on for some years yet. Hope the newer one is going well. We had a Kubota, and it was SO good, mowed 45 lawns a fortnight, then started all over again, ( Hugh had a lawn mowing business) until we needed a new deck, it was better to buy a new one in another brand.

  2. Maggie looks good and I’m sure she’s feeling much cooler. The clematis are beautiful. I need to get rid of a lot of machinery that doesn’t work anymore too.

  3. Our eldest mule has had trouble shedding this spring too, we've done baths and lots of grooming. Mules take longer and usually don't shed out fully until late June. And of course come August they start growing winter hair.
    Love the clematis!


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