Friday, June 1, 2018

Marti's on Main...

More of the same.  Rain predicted, but so far....nothing.

There are a gazillion clematis blossoms on the porch of Gary's barn 
 getting ready to pop...

 and iris in several gardens.

 At 10:30 Phoebe
 Little Wonder and I went out to the air conditioned Studio
 to give a watercolor lesson to Carina and Clara.

(photo by Carina) 
We had a great time learning the basics.
 Could there be a sweeter child?
 (photo by Carina)
 Going back outside was like a reality check.

 At 5:45 I picked up Brenda and we drove out to Marti's on Main
for the First Friday opening (my art students).
We entered through the back yard, that was loaded with these
deep purple clematis blossoms.

 On the porch....gorgeous peonies.

 Kim always offers a table full of snacks,drinks and hospitality.

 We all went upstairs to check out her personal gallery and studio.
I felt like I was at Artisan Works in Rochester.

 Where else would you find a boot nailed to a tree?
 I got back to the farm before sunset.
Night all.


  1. The flowers on her wee dress, beautiful fabric. and a lesson, well done, Peonies, and Iris, what beauties they all are.No photos on my blog, but the other day I planted in pots, about 200 bulbs, some new daffs, Dutch iris, Ixia, tulips, and more. As yours fade, mine are just starting to show some tiny shoots.

  2. What a little sweetie she is! Love her artwork ­čśŐbeautiful flowers too. A boot nailed to a tree...that’s different!


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