Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Muggy Again and Almost 90 Degrees

At least the temperature was beautiful when I went out to do morning chores.
Plenty of sunshine.

 Fortunately I was smart enough to close the windows this morning right off the bat.
With the fans on, the house stayed cool.
At 10am I was interviewed by a reporter from a local paper for about an hour.
After lunch I did manage to run a few errands and made some pickled beets.
 Other than that I did not do much.
 The cucumbers are coming on strong and I picked 3 zucchini before they got the
size of torpedoes.  The tomatoes are going nowhere.

 The carrots are doing well
 and the dogs have been panting all day long when they are outside.

 Inside too, until they cool off.
I'm going to take the rest of the evening off.
Night all.


  1. It's too hot do do much. Relax and cool off. Hopefully it will be nicer tomorrow.

  2. Jealous of all your cucumbers!! Skoog Farm is a remarkably fertile place! Our tomatoes have been late too but they exploded last week so I'm sure yours won't be long

  3. When it is so hot, it is hard to do most anything! I did all of my chores and outdoor work early and was done by 7am.
    Love pickled beets!

  4. It's been so muggy and humid here too which is very unusual.
    Lily & Edward


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