Friday, March 24, 2017

Another Dog Day

It was raining this morning so Phoebe and Little Wonder had a quick potty break and went back in the house.  I decided not to put the horses out until it subsided.

 That happened about 10:30.
The pasture looks like a swamp.

After lunch I ran a few errands and worked on an upcoming fundraiser.

 You guessed it.  After that my time was spent in front of the fire with the pups and cats.
 Tonight I defrosted some minestrone soup, which we had with a salad and some of Chet's bread.
Nice and easy.
Also started watching the latest Netflix season of Grace and Frankie for some good laughs.

Now we are going to do more of the same if I can keep my eyes open.
Night all.


  1. I actually wish it would rain and get rid of the rest of this snow. Enjoy your shows and the fire.

  2. Our garden is a swamp too! It makes for some muddy paw prints in the house!

  3. We expect about an inch a day here for the next two days. We are mud mud mud...mud.
    I guess it is better than snow right now.
    All the streams and creeks are flowing nicely around here.


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