Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Is It Really Going To Snow Tonight?

 The usual start to the day.

 It could be the last one for flowers.  
Imagine...this clematis still hanging on and it is almost November.

 The farrier arrived at 9:30.

 Maggie and Angel always hangout near the barn when Abbe and Berlin get their feet done.

 We were finished by 11.

 I spent the afternoon doing nothing and managed to get motivated around 4.
First I went to Tractor Supply for grain and hay cubes...
 then I picked about a bushel of apples over at Apple Creek Farm.

 The sun was starting to go down by the time I got to Wegmans.

 I did manage to make a great dinner.
Johnny cake...
 a salad made with greens, oranges, bananas and craisins,
 BBQued country ribs with lots of sweet onions,
 and mashed yams.
 Big yum!
 I moved the begonia (that has been blooming since May) in from the side porch
so it would not freeze.  Can't remember having a hanging plant stay in full bloom for so many months.
 Phoebe and Little Wonder did not get much camera time today, however they did keep us entertained with their wrestling.
 It's nap time.
Night All.


  1. Sure is, I looked it up on " Accuweather", it will be 34F or 1C, and snow will fall, Love the flowers, and yummy food.

  2. Did you get the snow too? Heard 3" south of you :-o.

  3. We were supposed to get sleet and freezing rain but thankfully it didn't happen. Instead we got 3" of rain we did not need.
    It is going to stay overcast so it won't be so cold! Phew!


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