Sunday, July 17, 2016

Let's Get Together...

What a fun day.
Started off in the usual way.

It was going to be very busy, as we were holding our big "get together" at The Center tonight.
Ironically, I was talking to my friend Sally on the phone this morning and said I was about to go cut some flowers that we were going to use to decorate the tables.  She said "you should talk to Pam...she has all kinds of flowers at her house that were part of Eliza's celebration of Life yesterday."  Well, I did and she gave me three huge arrangements, suggesting that I take apart the two smaller ones and create new bouquets.  They would last much longer in water.
So, I drove down to Brockport and picked them up.
 Gary had about 30 jars that he gets from Java Junction (they get their roasted red peppers in them) so he pulled out a dozen for me and I started building.

 When they were finished, I put them in two big wooden crates so they could be transported without spilling water all over the place.

 At 1, a few of us met for the Sunday Jam and then
 I met Gary over at The Center....he transported all the arrangements for me.
 In a couple of hours Deanna, the building director, transformed the space with the help of her staff and volunteers.

 Meanwhile back in the kitchen, Jennifer L. (an employment specialist for Lifetime Assistance) was doing her magic along with her trainees.  She made everything you see from scratch...the only thing she did not create was the platter of chocolate covered strawberries.  They were donated by Jo Matela, who owns the Red Bird.  She is very community minded and was very happy to support us.

 When they were setting up the dessert table,
 I headed back to the farm for a quick shower and a change of clothes.
 When I returned at six, this is what the table looked like!  
Jennifer is so talented!

 Does she know what she is doing or what????

 The Center has a team of people who make and sell cookies that are available to the public....they also assisted.  These are the smaller versions of what they sell. Have you ever tried them?  Delish!!!
 A little after 6:30, the Brockport Buskers did a sound check and then Jean Brooks was able to play the piano for us.  She is a very active person at The Center and a good friend.
Before we knew it, all the tables were filled with people who were in awe of what was being served.

 Once again, we had Town and Village Board member in attendence.
Mary (Town Board), Kathy (Village Board), me (Town Board), Annie (Village Board) and
Margay (Village of Brockport Mayor).  We are all very interested in working together and it is a pleasure to be in the company of these women!!!!

 A little later Rob (Town Supervisor) and Bill (Village Board) arrived and we never did get a photo of John (Village Board) or Karen (Town Clerk).  That's what I call great support and it shows how much commitment we all have to this community.  It's a new day.
 Many of the usual suspects were present.

 There were also many first timers....exactly what we wanted.
 Hanny, Barb and Maryellen (chorus director) were front and center.

 Several people took advantage of our tables which were set up outside.
 Just before 7 I made a few comments, thanked people and encouraged them to view our first art show in the cafe...the photographs of Richard Hart (who also happens to be in our Sunday Jam Group).  I don't think there was an empty seat by the time we started our set.  Our group is called the Brockport Buskers (look up that 2nd word and tell me what it means) and we are under the leadership of Jim Foote, who gives all kinds of lessons through "Village Music" and still has time to keep us active and learning on Sundays.
 We played for an hour and enjoyed every minute of it.
When it was over, many people stopped up for a variety of reasons.
"You sing in keys that make it easy for me to harmonize."
"Could we hire you for a gig?"
and more....
If you are reading this and are so inclined, please join us at 
A Different Path Gallery on Sundays from 1-3.
You won't be sorry.
Night all.

Big PS
I want to thank all the people who made this evening a great success:
Deanna (who really knows how to set up an event)
Jennifer L. who outdid herself with the desserts and is such a pro
The Lifetime Assistance Trainees, who helped with the entire process
Jo for providing the strawberries
Bob and Jim for putting in endless hours landscaping
Roger E. from Buildings and grounds for all the extra time he put in painting, putting up molding, helping create our garden and more
To my fellow Town Board members for making the "remodel" possible
Gary Skoog for planting our veggie garden
Sara's Garden and Nursery for donating the plants
The staff and volunteers from The Center, who do a lot more than we know
Jean Brooks for playing the piano
and the Buskers who donated their time because they are all about community
And where would we be without all who supported us!
We need to have more get-togethers just like this one!


  1. Wow Lori, although you live in New York State, you have such a village-like community. Wonderful get together. Great flowers as well from your friend's friend's celebration of life. That was a special gift. Thanks for sharing this beautiful evening.

  2. What a wonderful event! Nice job to all!


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