Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Here There and Everywhere....

Had to get crackin' this morning.  Many things on the agenda.

 After chores

I took a very quick shower and drove my car down to Northside for an inspection that ended up costing me just under $800.  It needed 4 new tires and a couple of other things.
Gary had followed me, and dropped me off at Grinds for a meeting that was supposed to be at Java (which was closed when Gary went down for coffee).  Anyway, the three people never showed up and I managed to get in touch with Hanny, who said they were at Java after all.  Pete opened late and now I was at the wrong place with 20 pounds of rhubarb that I had brought for her!!!!
I ended up walking over, which did not thrill me.
On the way I grabbed a couple shots of the canal.

 I left the meeting at 10:15 and was picked up by one of my students, who was on her way to class at my studio.
 Pam brought us a treat.  Homemade lemon cake topped with strawberries.
What a nice surprise.

 I was able to pick up my car around 2:30 and drove around the corner to fill it up with gas.
Just as I approached the Welcome Center, two big boats were docking.

 At 4:15 Gary and I left for the Buffalo airport to pick up Ariana.
 Her flight actually got in a few minutes early.
 On the way home, we stopped in Batavia for dinner.
 Ariana ordered Tilapia/Mediterranean.
 Gary ordered a steak.  (I had their specialty - ribs).
 So this is what our dinners looked like after we finished.
Ha Ha!  I forgot to take pictures!!!

 We were outtathere by 7:15.
 Jenny and Finn arrived at the farm around 8:30 to pick up Ariana and took her down to see Coop.
 Finn has grown so much since last year!

The cousins will be spending a lot of time together for the next two weeks.
Night all.


  1. It sounds like mom's oil changes that turn into $500
    Lily & Edward

  2. Hi Lori, Thanks for the visit! Not shooting as much these days, less to shoot! Stay cool. Yeah, the next three days are a "pray for weight loss to achieve less body heat days"!

  3. So nice that Ariana will be staying for a while. The cousins should have lots of fun. Stay cool! Hot and humid here too. 90's.


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