Saturday, April 9, 2016

I'm Back...

So what have I been doing?
 Well, yesterday I did not have grand jury duty so I started off the day feeding the girls without being in a big rush.
Maggie is still not back to normal...poor gimpy girl.

 Then I went to Agape. I was put on a strong antibiotic this past Monday and it had all kinds of warnings...like too much exercise can cause problems with tendons and muscles.
I called the pharmacist and the doctor to ask if I could do my usual 60 minutes of cardio.  First I was told 1 in 10,000 might be effected, then I was told just don't overdo it.  When I got to Agape, AJ (physical therapist) said nothing I do should hurt me....it would be different if I was lifting heavy weights.  So of course, I did my thing.
 Got home and made a big pot of cabbage soup...
 and a loaf of bread for dinner.
Around 3pm I did not feel well at all.  Light headed.
Was it the antibiotic?  Did I overdo it at Agape? 
I managed to do the evening chores....

 But that was it for me.
 Plunked myself under a blanket and watched Hillary Clinton,
who was in Rochester, speaking at Monroe Community College.
 I had no appetite for dinner...just crackers and ginger ale.
Stayed in bed until 6:30 this morning and was no longer light headed.
So, back out to the barn for morning chores.
 Picked more flowers that had been abused by snow and frigid temperatures.
 I took it easy for much of the day and was finally able to eat the soup I made yesterday.
 At 7:30 we drove to the Elks club for a fundraiser sponsored by the Kiwanis Club.
Entertainment by Ruby Shooz...an amazing band.  Really perked me up.

They had all kinds of snacks.  Why did we eat dinner?

 Ruby Shooz plays solid oldies....real classics.
Our friend George dressed for the occasion.

 They had these glasses on the table and Gary wore this pair all night.
 Jenny joined us for the first set...
 and we did a lot of dancing.

I knew the words to almost every song...so did a lot of other people!

 Rhyn and David were there

 along with Jim C., who is the CEO for Oak Orchard and the President of Kiwanis.
Jim used to be a drummer and I want him to go with me to our Sunday jams.
We really had a good time.  Gary won a CD for answering a trivia question about Elvis.
Night all.
So glad I am feeling better.

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