Monday, February 1, 2016


Blankets back on...cooler with some wind.

 Seriously!  Does this look like February 1st?

 After chores I managed to get down to Agape to do some sort of a workout after not
being there for a week and a half.  Decided to take it easy.
20 minutes on the bike, 10 on the treadmill and 5 on the elliptical.
On Wednesday I will get serious.

By the time I finished, the sky was quite amazing.

 From there I made a quick trip to a local business to grab some photos of the rich colors in
their rooms as I am working on getting some cosmetics done at The Center.

 Met Judy (who was also at Agape) at Java for a salad.
 Headed back to the farm so I could grab a shower
 and get down to The Center for a walk through.
Hopefully we can get some painting done as it has not been touched in decades.
 I am now the Town Board liaison here and look forward to facilitating some positive changes.
 By late afternoon the sunset was amazing, as
it blasted through the living room windows.

 Don't you just love good light and shadows?

 For some reason I was hungry for potato salad and Gary made veggie burgers with
lots of onions.  A simple, yummy supper.
It's 7:10 and I am ready to jump in bed to do a little reading.
Night all.


  1. Great photos. I think whatever paint you pick out for the center will be a good improvement from what's there now.

  2. Every buddy has their costs on. Chilly willy!
    Lily & Edward


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