Sunday, January 3, 2016

We Made Some History In The Town Of Sweden Today!

Mary Rich, Annie Crane and me.
This afternoon a swearing in ceremony was held at The Center with 120 people in
attendance to witness this very rare happening. 
As the story goes (that you have read many times), about 10 months ago the three of us began our run for office in the Town of Sweden.  Annie ran for supervisor...Mary and I ran for Town Board.  We did our homework, the team was strong, there was a lot of volunteer and financial support and the Town was ready for a change.  It was time (after 150 years) for a two party government.
Mary and I won our seats and Annie lost to a 22 year veteran by 70 votes.
All three of us were first time candidates.  Of course we were not happy about Annie's loss, but
it all turned around when a trustee for the Village Board resigned.  The Mayor appointed Annie to fill the position so she ended up in office after all.

It was suggested that we have a ceremonial swearing in and once we knew Annie was official, we made arrangements to have all of  us sworn in at the same time.

Our first choice to do the honors was Congresswoman Louise Slaughter!
She had attended our fundraiser in September and we were thrilled that she would
swear us in today.

Not only that, the following politicos were also there:

New York State Assembly Member - Harry Bronson
Chief of Staff for Harry Bronson - Jennifer Skoog
Alan Richards -Coordinator of Legislative and Public Affairs for Harry Bronson
Paul Haney - former Monroe County Legislator
Tom Ferrarese - Commissioner, Monroe County Board of Elections
Jamie Romero - Monroe County Democratic Chairwoman

Village of Brockport
Mayor - Margay Blackman 
Trustee - Kathy Kristansen
Trustee - John LaPierre
Police Chief - Dan Varenti 

Town of Sweden
Supervisor - Rob Carges
Town Clerk - Karen Sweeting

Campaign Team
Linda Ketchum, Kevin McCarthy (out of town), Bernie LoBrocco and Pat Pawlaczyk

Our supporters were not just democrats, we were happy to have all parties helping us in one way or another.  They put up our signs, gave us money, volunteered and wore our t-shirts.

Rich Fenton hosted the event for us.  He is a retired College Professor and a past member of the Town Board.  He had our backs the entire time.
(and this is his back....we were sitting behind him).

The three of us were introduced and had a chance to say a few words before we were sworn in by Louise.  She had the opportunity to make some remarks and we sure had some laughs over her stories.  Such a charmer.
 (photo by Cooper Harvey)

 Don't you just love these back shots?
 Here's another one taken by Coop.
Louise had me in stitches.

 We decided to serve homemade pies and coffee to add to the feel of a good old fashioned town get together.   Adam, Jen, Gary and Linda worked on getting all 18
of them sliced and ready to serve.

 Jenny asked Finn to take a picture of the pies and he thought she meant each one!
Here are some samples.

 Business was good, and everyone enjoyed one or more pieces!

There was enough time for schmoozing before we had to leave.
Here is Louise with Susan Ireland.  They have known each other for decades and were
happy to have a chance to catch up.
 The Spillar sisters got into the picture....

 as did Cooper, the professional photo bomber.

 Harry Bronson, moi, Jamie Romero, Alan Richards, Jen and the Coop.
 Needless to say, our family had to really dig in during all this campaigning.  Always there to help.
 We had a good press coverage today.  Channel 10 News, Time Warner, The Democrat and Chronicle and Suburban News.  It will be interesting to see how the tv and newspaper reports turn out.
 Here's the bottom line...
Mary and I, on the Town Board and Annie, on the Village Board 
are looking forward to getting our respective boards to work together
in a positive and productive way that will benefit all.
 This was quite the experience and I was overwhelmed by the support and energy that surrounded us today.  Thank You, Thank You and Thank You!

Night all.

More photos from Topper.



  1. Congrats to you and all involved! Glad to see all of those pies ;)

  2. Congratulations to three wonderful ladies. We'd love to second you to come and make a change in SA. Happy 2016 to you and your family, Lori. Greetings Jo

  3. Congratulations you have all worked so hard for this and I am sure you will do great things. Hug B

  4. Congratulations to all of you! I'm sure there will be many good changes coming to your community in 2016!
    It's going to be a great year.

  5. Congratulations! Fantastic that you made history. Make the changes!

  6. First of all congratulations!! and thanks for sharing your amazing experience with us.!!
    Keep sharing and happy new year.!

  7. Your community is lucky to have such wonderful people stepping up to take leadership roles - congratulations to all!


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