The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....
The Rebel...


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day Two

Pitch black and in the 20s when I went out to the barn.
Another early morning so I would be showered and ready
to go back to Rochester for our second day of training.

 Once again, I did everything but the stalls (which Gary cleaned for me).

 Mary and I were on our way by 7:45.
 More incredibly beautiful skies.

 We arrived just as the first session began.  I believe every speaker was an attorney and they all had a lot to say.  This 2 1/2 day training was put on by The Association Of Towns of the State of New York.  JUST ELECTED - WHAT DO YOU DO NOW?
Once again they served a spectacular lunch and we ate with the same crew.

 A long day...especially the afternoon sessions.
Home before dark and I'm so glad it was still light out.
 Karen did evening chores....

 and Gary made dinner.  What a treat.
Night all.

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  1. Another busy day but I'm sure you found the sessions interesting. Beautiful skies!


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