Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Windy All Day Long

 Another crappy start to the day.  Not only was it raining, we had high winds and it was very brisk.  Had to put sheets back on the girls.
 Cleaned the stalls while they chose to go out in the pasture... regardless of the weather.

 Things are really greening up and we had an awful lot of standing water in the outdoor arena from last night's monsoon.
 There are at least a hundred daffodils in the gardens.

 Once again I picked all the ones that had been blown to the ground,
 and took them over to the studio.
Class at 10:30.
LuAnne brought in this purse she made.  Gorgeous!

 Her main interest is collage and this is a sweet example.
 A perfect day for a pot of peach tea.
 Fortunately my little stove provided a cozy atmosphere.

 After lunch I went over to Shamra's to pick up some eggs.  She is still not feeling well and did not come to class today.  Ran a couple more errands in the company of Gucci and Phoebe.
 Home a little after three.
Dinner was easy.
A salad with pears, apples and craisins
 along with the chicken soup I made Sunday.
Big yum on this chilly eve.
 The gardens were sporting purples today,

 and the tulips should be popping in the very near future.
 Chores at 7.

 This was the most beautiful part of the day and the barn was 50 degrees so I ended up taking off the sheets.  Gave Abbe and Berlin a good grooming.

 None of the horses can touch Maggie when it comes to grinding dirt into her face and neck.

 The light sure can lift your spirits!
Night all.
Tonight the weatherman said we are going to have many weeks of cooler than normal weather (from now until June).  I can handle it if the sun is out.


  1. Your flowers are very pretty. I'm still waiting for ours to pop. its nice that you're able to use the studio again. Liked the bag very much. Seems to be lots of artistic folks in your area.

    I'll never understand why grinding te dirt into your head feels good. But it must or they would do it.

  2. Windy and cold here - and even some snow flakes! That's spring for you . . .

  3. Enjoyed this lovely series of photos. Do you teach a painting class? I'd love to take one one day :-) Your girls are lovely. Keep warm.

    1. Joyful. My students work in watercolors, colored pencil, collage, pencil and more. I have been doing this at the farm since retiring in 1999.


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