Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Put It This Way - 8pm And It's 37 Degrees

 I needed to wear a hoody topped with a jacket this morning.  Chillllly.
 The temperature was supposed to get up to 50 but that wind (again) wasn't going to let that happen.
 The girl's coats puffed up like we were going into fall.

 Chorus this morning.  Next week we start our performances so we had to work like crazy.
 Last fall, when we were fighting to keep the Senior Center open....one of the things our Center Advocacy Committee did, was to clean out the front garden and put in a ton of bulbs.  We were assisted by several college students who were volunteering on Make A Difference Day.

 The results were evident and much appreciated today.
 It certainly is inviting as you enter the building.
 Made some bean salad when I got home...it should last for days.
 Seymour has discovered the dog's bed, which is under our kitchen table.  He's ready to take it over.

Turned up the heat and took it easy most of the afternoon.

Froze my butt off at chore time.  Just when I thought spring had arrived.....
 Called the girls in for dinner around 6:30.
 The sky was getting darker and darker.

 Got them tucked in and went back to the house to finish preparing what I had started earlier.
Pasta Carbonara...
 A salad made by Gary (topped with some of the bean salad)
 and some grilled Italian bread.
 It was delish, and there's enough left for tomorrow!
Night all.
It's 37 degrees!!!!!


  1. Stay warm! We are having frost tonight.

  2. Started out cold here this morning too. Had to wear a coat but by the middle of the day it was 60. Then it got windy and dark and we had a nice thunderstorm so the temps plummeted again. Spring will never come I fear. Love the daffodils! They always seem so cheerful.


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