Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Full, Freezin' Day

We had a gorgeous sunrise that lasted for minutes.

 Karen did morning chores and at 7 Jackie picked me up and we were off to Rochester for the Flower City Half Marathon.  It was in the 30s when we got there and no sun was in the area  Should have worn a winter jacket..
 The first runner made it up the hill around 8:10.

 I was too slow on the draw to get a picture of the front of Elvis.
Almost everyone said thanks and we got a lot of thumbs up....but this year not one person stopped to dance!

Around 9:30 the last person ran by and we were ready to leave.
 Home around 10 and could not get warm.

Got a call for some friends who wanted to come up for a truckload of manure for their gardens.
They brought along a dozen eggs and a pint of homemade jam.  I love to barter.

 Right after that, Scott stopped up to get the drag I use to do the arena.  It needs some serious work and he will be getting it back in better working condition.
 Finally, the sky was full of color.
 At 2:15 Gary and I went over to the Town Park to watch Finn's ball game.
The teams were evenly matched, but in the end Brockport lost.  The wind kept me freezin'.
 These kids sure have grown up...the skill level was amazing.

 Gary managed to get everything out from under the willow tree.  Tons of logs have been sitting there for years.  Looks so much better.
 Chores early.
 Made a salad, baked potatoes and grilled pork for dinner.

The fire's going and I'm going to get my butt out in the kitchen.
Night all.


  1. One of those days where the weather just would have have made it so much better if it were warmer. Glad it didn't slow you down though. We can't always wait for the sunshine. Dinner looks perfect!

  2. What a full day!

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  3. Lori, I thought your header picture was absolutely stunning but never got around to telling you. But now, when I saw your weeping willow, I was flabbergasted! What a beauty. Don't see a whole lot of them down here in Florida, some, but not like that. What a blessing!

  4. The sky looks like a painting
    Lily & Edward

  5. Sounds like a full day. Not so sure I'd want to see Elvis from the front considering what he looks like from the back with those tight pants! Ha!

    Your willow tree is gorgeous. They are one of my favorite trees.


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